Thursday, June 11, 2009

Free Hot Dog on a Stick 6/15/09

I was passing by the Mall today and I saw a giant sign that said "FREE HOT DOG ON A STICK 6/15/09".

After a quick google stop, you can see the promotion on the main page. So if you enjoy a mish mash of secret meat covered with an inch of deliciously doughy fried bread, stop by your local Hot Dog on a stick!


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sharon said...

Omg I love hot dog on a stick! Yay.

BTW I wanted to tell you about a new discovery that Suz and I made: La Fachada, the taco truck/restaurant off Imperial and 25th in San Diego. Definitely gives Mariscos German a run for its money. The buche taco was amazing - tender pork innards alternating between chewiness and crunchiness. The thinnest corn tortillas I've ever seen. Amazing carnitas. The al pastor was out of this world. Suz and I actually stayed there for TWO HOURS. Gah. I didn't think it was possible, but apparently it is. They also have pescado, which I'm sure will be divine.

Anyway, that and Okan have been the only eating highlights that I've enjoyed lately. I went to the lunch buffet at El Torito today and then promptly fell asleep during afternoon Barbri.