Thursday, April 23, 2009

Trying to be Web 2.0 savvy

So I'm trying to be a little Web 2.0 savvy so I've incorporated a couple of things to my blog.
  1. On the top right, you can see that I put in a category of "What/Where I am eating". It's updated via twitter and integrated into blogspot. Not everything I eat is "blog posting" worthy, so I figure that'd be kind of fun, to let you take a sneak peak into what I'm eating at any given point of the day. (LOOK i'm just like clayfu! I also eat those grapes!)

  2. I finally signed up for sending picture through my phone to the blog, so if I'm eating anything interesting or unique, I can send a quick pic here and you can all see it! =)


Anonymous said...

This is also good, so that we can judge you and call you a fatty! :P

Charlie Fu said...

anonymous: Thank you dear =P

Nicholas said...

i want to see some gen sushi $15 omakase action please

Charlie Fu said...

Soon Nick Soon!