Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jim Denny's Lunch (Road Trip, Sacramento)

A few months ago my most cherished dining partner and I were invited to a wedding in the great city of Sacramento (*snicker*). Since I'm far too cheap to pay $30 for the two of us to take a shuttle to our hotel, I had my good college buddy Joey pick us up with the lure of free food.

Primarily hunting for brunch food in downtown Sacramento, we stumbled across a large sign. JIM- DENNY's Lunch

The ragged looking shack filled with people sitting at a counter top pushed us to figure out why people were eating here (that and no other restaurant seemed to be open at 10am as well as an awesome looking metal chicken).

This restaurant is a great example of a restaurant that lives on the idea of a short order cook. Greasy, big and hearty portions of food heaped on large heavy plates. Since the inside was completely packed (and smokey, greasy, and hot) we sat outside on a cool Sacramento morning.

Yes, you're absolutely right, their outside looks like the outdoor furnishing section of a Target/Wal-Mart. These seats were not at all comfortable... which only got worse due to the food taking 30+ minutes to come out. Was the food worth the wait?

I'm not going to lie to you dear reader, at a restaurant like this you will not be blown away by the complex layers of flavor or the teasing of your taste buds with ingredients that tickle your grain. What you get are big portions of decent food at a decent price.

First up, the breakfast burrito.

This burrito was so large, they couldn't fully wrap it up.. so you couldn't lift it up and bite into it. It's served with salsa, guac, and sour cream.

The burrito is filled with sausage, ham, potatoes, egg, tomatoes, pepper, and cheese. Nothing was undercook/overcooked, it was properly seasoned. All check marks for your standard breakfast burrito.

Next up, the oiliest dish I have ever laid my eyes on. A Breakfast Croissant sandwich.

Stuffed with a 6 strips of bacon, egg, cheddar cheese and super buttery croissant, the sandwich made me fat just by looking at it. But what more can you ask for? When you want a breakfast sandwich it has all the ingredients necessary. I'd like a few slices of tomatoes, but *shrug* I think the purveyors of the restaurant would disagree and take away from the idea of "FATTENING LARGE PORTIONS".

Now comes Jim Denny's version of Denny's Grand Slam breakfast.

This is a major league grand slam, not a AA minor league one from Denny's. Heaps of crisp hash brown, thick sausage, perfectly runny sunny eggs that just drip over the has browns, and delicious thick bacon. To top it off, the largest pancake I have ever laid my eyes on. (Knife used to show how large it was)

I could not even finish half of this pancake. It was so thick, doughy, and sweet.. mouthfuls of happiness.

Mr. Pancake face approves of this large and filling meal!

Jim Denn's Lunch (closed sunday/monday)
816 12th St
Sacramento, CA 95814


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