Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hatfield's (Los Angeles)

Every summer I head back to Los Angeles as I take my hiatus from San Diego. This summer came to an end and what better way to end a summer than to eat at a nice restaurant? Restaurant of choice? Hatfield's (now a 1 star rated restaurant in the 09 Michelin Guide!)

A small restaurant, about the size of your closet, Hatfield's seats around 35-40 people. The bar is right next to the entrance and our table was right next to the bar, which was separated by a window that had an outdoor alley way of 2 tops to seat more guests. You feel cozy and warm due to the soft light colors that adorn the restaurant. I've heard alot of good things about the restaurant and I was excited to try it.

Having a party of 5 we decided to do al a carte dining.

First up was an amuse bouche of creamed corn and deviled egg.

A spiced deviled egg followed by a warm sweet corn elixer that tickles the back of your throat. A sweet and savory start to what will be a pretty fine meal.

For the only appetizer I took a picture of House Made Corn Agnolloti with Dungeness Crab, and Shaved Summer Truffle.

The sauce is a thick and creamy sherry beurre fondue that is almost overwhelming in it's sharpness. Unlike the Corn Agnolloti at Spago, this was on the savory side (opposed to sweet) , you get the undercurrent of warm crab and the saltiness of the truffle. It's a good appetizer, but not quite as good as the corn agnolloti at Spago (which now is the pinnacle of all agnolloti in the world for me). Also there were probably 5 pieces of agnolloti in here, slightly disappointing for $20.

First Entree was the special of the day, Roasted Pork Tenderloin with a Cranberry Dressing.

Moist juicy pork served on a bed of soft mashed potatoes. I don't like cranberries so that was a bit of a turnoff for me, but the pork was cooked to perfection with just a bit of flavoring from the au jus.

Next up is the Olive oil Poached Halibut

The halibut is served on a bed of asparagus and Hon Shimeji mushrooms. Even though the dish looks heavy, it's actually prepared in a very simple manner. The fish is poached in olive oil so you get a softer flakier fish that stands alone in a natural flavor. The vegetables are a compliment but they don't "add" to the flavor of the fish. It doesn't need to, the fish was perfect.

Then there was the Date and Mint Crusted Colorado Rack of Lamb.

The lamb was served on a nice bright green potato chive puree with fava beans, heirloom carrots, and turnips. The lamb is mild almost veal like opposed to the gamey mutton and very tender. No complaints on this dish what-so-ever.

The final entree was the Pan Roasted Hanger Steak and Horseradish dusted Short Ribs.

The beef is served two ways, in the very fatty/oily/flavorful hanger steak and a soft lucious short rib style. Both ways compliment it's respective ingredient pairings and are as different as night and day in flavor profile.

The Hanger steak is served with a smoked potato puree. If you've never had hanger steak (one of my favorite cuts) it's a very rich, meaty, and oily piece of meat. But at the same time it's a bit rough but that oily consistency gives it an extra layer of flavor that you don't get with normal meat. Hatfield's does a great job preparing theirs, the meat was tender yet has the "chewy" aspect of hanger due to all that tendon that was a burst of flavor with each bite.

The short ribs are classic short rib, deep dark concentrated flavors of meat that's been cooked for hours and hours. The horseradish wasn't as prevelant as I'd like it to be, but it was still a very well executed dish.

Since we only had one appetizer.. we went BUCK WILD with the desserts!

First up Fresh Peach Crisp

Large chunks of roasted cinnamon and peach ladden the thick outer crust. The crisp is adorned with plenty of warm crispy brown sugar.

Next is their version of donuts and milk.

This is a dessert. This is what all other desserts need to aspire to be like. The "milk" is a chocolate milkshake that's so creamy and thick with a hint of coffee in the back that makes you want to drink more and more. It's paired with 2 fluffy fried beignets and a decadent chocolate syrup.

The final dessert Chocolate Flourless Cake with Peanut Butter

The chocalate cake is baked with a glob of peanut butter inside. So once you pierce away and it's soft airy exterior you get treated to a gooey lucious sweet peanut butter. It's paired with equally as rich peanut butter ice cream. Woo wee, I gained about 5 pounds eating these desserts.

And on top of it with the check, they served each person a little cupcake.

What Hatfield's may lack in fancy dining areas they make up for in perfectly executed dishes that are proud of the simple and direct flavor combinations that tease your tastebuds and make you want to come back for more.

They also have a 7 course tasting menu for $75, which isn't too shabby!

7458 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036



Anonymous said...

Good to see you posted another nice restaurant on your blog.

The dishes are all look good, especially, the delicious deserts.

rstark223 said...

When I ate there this summer I had a run-in with the front-of-the-house owner. I got there 15 minutes early (at 5:45) and even though only one table was filled, she still made me wait out front and wouldn't let me sit inside. I protested, but she insisted ... no seating until my dining parter arrived. It was a hot day and Hatfield's is on an unattractive traffic-ridden street. It was awful! THEN, when he called to say he was running 15 minutes late, she said we would lose our reservation unless he got there by 6:15. I explained I was heading back to San Diego and would be outtathere by 8:00, but again she wouldn't budge. She is a BEEATCH of humongous proportions. I wanted to hate the food but it was fabulous, darnit.

Charlie Fu said...

Robin: wow, that sucks! The 2 of us got there early for a party of 5 and they sat us first. Sorry to hear about that!