Friday, July 4, 2008

Wolfgang's Steakhouse (Los Angeles)

Steak, magical steak. One of the mighty staples of any "classy" restaurant is a big chunk of meat. Of course the problem is that restaurants tend to overcook, undercook, under-season, and over-season steak like a bunch of noobs who have never seen a piece of cow in their lives (HERE'S LOOKING AT YOU STK).

In LA we really haven't been graced by a good steakhouse. We have celebrity hang outs but I'm almost positive that the more celebrities you find at a restaurant, the less likely the food will be good and the more likely the food will be expensive (for what you get). This has become so bad that I've taken to not having steak at any restaurant, but buying my own from Bryan Flannery.

Our fair city isn't as blessed as NYC with quality steak... until Wolfgang's Steakhouse came along.

Now I know you'll say "Wolfgangs? don't you mean CUT?". No I don't mean cut, I mean Wolfgang's Steakhouse.. a Peter Luger wannabe from NYC. Style of cut, preparation, and service is near identical to Luger. Of course.. this stems from the fact that the owner, Wolfgang Zwiener was head waiter at Peter Luger for over 40 years. I'm not sure if being a waiter at a restaurant for 40 years allows you to suddenly cook magnificent beef.. it seems to work in this case.

I will quickly set the stage for you. Wolfgang's is a classic steakhouse, you got some steak, you got some cheesecake, you got some salads and that's about it. If you're looking for something else I'd suggest you visit one of the many other fine restaurants in Los Angeles.

First up the bread basket.

Boring, I was completely uninterested in the selection.

First appetizer onions and tomatoes.

As you notice I didn't include a picture for this. But let me walk you through it. Imagine slices of large beef-steak tomatoes and large sweet Texas onions, and that's your dish. No garnish, just slices of tomato and onion. It was actually pretty tasty, the sweetest onions I've had in awhile.It tastes pretty good with their steak sauce too.

Second appetizer is their bread and butter, Canadian bacon. $2.50 a slice.

We're seriously talking about a pan seared piece of bacon. This is half of a piece.. so imagine the size of one. Delicious in its fatty meatiness. A perfectly seared thick chunk of bacon. What more can a man ask for? Other than another piece of course!

Our first side dish was the German potatoes.

These potatoes are essentially home fried potatoes with onions. I like it because of the "char" on the potatoes. It's a bit crispy on the outside and then soft chunks of potato underneath it. I can imagine people not liking it tho, it almost seems burnt.

Now on to the steak! They have Filets, NY steaks, rib-eyes.. but any good Luger fan knows that porterhouses are the way to go.. and Wolfgang's doesn't disappoint. They have porterhouse for 2, 3, and 4.

Since we had 7 people we had a porterhouse for 3 and 4. The picture above is a 3. A porterhouse is essentially a NY steak and a Filet combined together, so imagine the size of this puppy. In classic Luger style, they serve the steak on a sizzling plate. The plate allows for the steak to keep on cooking while you eat (not sure what the point of this is). They put a small bowl below a side of the plate so that the plate is lifted to one side. The juices then collect at the very bottom. I'm not actually sure why they do that... but shrug.

But the steak is 30 day dry aged USDA prime, high end steak. Perfectly cooked to medium rare, where the fat melts like butter. The outside of the steaks are crusted a beautiful brown and flavored with salt and pepper. Great steak! I'd say it's the best steak I've had in Southern California.

Finally dessert... cheesecake
Like the steak this is imported from New York. Served with a thick glop of fresh German whipped cream, the cheesecake is light and flavorful. The cream is also light and sweet, a perfect blend for a great dessert.

If you find yourself looking for a steakhouse, this is definitely one of the best in Southern California.. and I whole-heartedly suggest it!

Wolfgang's Steakhouse
443 N Canon Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210



Anonymous said...

Wow! That looks like a whole lot of meat... pricey?

Captain Jack said...

Nice looking plate of meat. I would like to take a stab at polishing it off on my own. How many ounces was the 3? I killed a 64oz PH once at Rainwater's on Kettner.

Suzanna said...

Oh man, that steak looks perfectly cooked. I'm jealous.

Charlie Fu said...

Anonymous: Not bad at all! Check out their website for prices =)

Cpt Jack: They didn't give an OZ size, i want to assume 40oz for the 3. Jack, we need to get together for some more Flannery steak my friend

Suzanna: Yesss be very jealous =P

Roger. said...

my eyes went O_O when I saw the plate of meat. I'm serious. I think I'll be taking my bro to this place for his bday :D

Anonymous said...


nicole said...

What is their website? I only found listings for NY when I googled it...

Charlie Fu said...

nicole: They don't have an updated website, the Beverly Hills location is still "opening soon". The menu is the same for all the locations tho.

Keylogger said...

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