Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gregoire (Berkeley, CA)

Berkeley is the home of a variety of cuisines from all different cultures. The great thing about all these cuisines is the Berkeley twist that comes with each. One such example is Gregoire, inspired French cuisine, simple home style French food.. but with a twist... it's Take Out French Food.

Conveniently located in two opposite sides of Berkeley Gregoire is a small French restaurant with no tables, only "bar style" eating. While waiting for our food to be made there were quite a few take out orders being processed. I believe the bulk of their service comes from take out *duh*. The difference between this restaurant and another typical French restaurant is that it seems to me that all the cooks are just normal workers. The food is very simple, sauces are pre-made it doesn't look like they have to do much other than slap something onto a grill or slather some sauce on something.

We came for lunch for this particular meal, I've gone for dinner before and they are reasonably sized portions for about $20-25 a dish. Everything is served in the little brown box.

The restaurant is an open kitchen so you're sitting in the same area as the people are cooking. The bar stools are located right in front of the grill so after awhile it could get rather hot. (If you can't stand the fire, get out of the kitchen! hehe).

(Sandwich/salad prep)

(Grill + Soup/Sauces).

For our lunch we ordered the Seared shredded pork shoulder with balsamic baked red onions on Ciabatta and the Grilled skirt steak with spicy chimichurri on French roll.

Most of the meat they are using for the sandwiches seems to be pre packaged cooked meat. They toss it onto the grill to let it heat a bit but it doesn't look like anything is fresh made during lunch time (dinner time, everything is fresh). Don't let this deter you from the quality of the food.. it's still quite excellent.

The seared pork shoulder sandwich is composed of soft/moist smoky shoulder meat with just the right amount of fat to give it a flavorful bite. Very rich and meaty, an excellent dish for all pork lovers out there. Stuffed with grilled red onions and tomatoes the sandwich is then covered in olive oil.

The grilled skirt steak is taken from the Argentinian style sandwich made in the same style. The meat is cooked medium rare and the bun is toasted in the oven. The spicy chimichurri is put all over the sandwich. (which is a good thing).

Chimichurri is a marinade/sauce for BBQ meat in Argentina made up of large amounts of parsley, garlic, salt, and olive oil. This version at Gregoire adds in jalapenos and hot peppers to give it that perfect kick of salty and spicy. The meat is very tender, it's in slightly larger strips than I'd like because it takes too much effort to tear away at the pieces at times. The sauce really made the sandwich tho, all those combination of spices and oils really gets me going! *roar*!

The best part of this meal was that each sandwich was under $8. Flavorful, meat packed sandwiches on delicious toasted bread can't be beat at eight dollars.

So if you're ever in Berkeley, check out

Gregoire's Take out

Two locations

4001 B Piedmont
Oakland, CA

2109 Cedar Street
Berkeley, CA



Roger. said...

whoa you went all the way to berkeley? I can't wait to graduate and have a road trip of my own.

Roger. said...
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Charlie Fu said...

My next post will show you the real reason i drove to Berkeley (or.. the next series of posts)

Mystery Eater said...

Yum! Looks great! Did those sandwiches come with any sides?

cody said...

the piedmont location is actually located in oakland, not berkeley.

Charlie Fu said...

cody: Thanks!

Carl said...

Good Job! :)

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