Friday, April 25, 2008


Sorry for the extreme lack of posts my dear readers, finals have called and I have answered... to my dismay.

Today I have something special to show you, a diamond in the rough if I could be so cliche. Convoy in Clairemont Mesa is really known for one thing and one thing only, Asian food. You can get Fro-Yo at Yogurtworld, Pho at countless Pho restaurants, Korean BBQ, Japanese food, and Dimsum. But nestled in a discreet shopping center with the Yogurt world, Tapioca Express, and Cue Picture Studio is an oasis for beer drinkers far and wide.


A dimly lit store with plain plastic chairs on the patio, you wouldn't think to ever go here. In my 6 years of being in San Diego, eating at Tapioca Express I looked at O'Brien's and thought to myself "how strange that there's an Irish bar here."

For all those curious, it's not an Irish bar, it's not an English Pub.. It's just a bar that's decided to name itself O'Brien's. (Due to its location you'd think it'd be named O'Fu's or something right? AMIRITE? *nudge nudge). I know I know, you're probably thinking "CHARLIE YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND! HOW GOOD COULD A BAR BE THAT'S ON CONVOY!" (which is exactly what I heard from every single person I told this to).

What really makes O'Brien's stand out from all the other bars/pubs in San Diego isn't the fact that is serve $3.50 pints of all the finest microbrews from San Diego to the Russian River, nor is it the fact that a picture of said brew is only $13. Ignore that fact that they have the best tap selection of micro brews in San Diego Proper. What makes them really stand out is the superb bottle selection they have of imported and domestic bottled beers. From the standard bottle size to 3L double magnum bottles of beer.

A list of over 100 bottled beers and assorted specials. What's really cool is if you decide to take one to go.. you get 10% off! As well on weekends you get 10% off just buying it. The night we went all bottles of Belgium beer were 20% off. Pretty awesome deal for some interesting yeasty almost fruity beer in a 750ml wine bottle. (Sorry I forgot what it was =( ).

Now I know you don't come to my humble site for the alcohol reviews, you come for the food. Fear not dear readers, O'Brien's like any good bar that wants their patrons to stay around drinking much more than they should.. serves a nice extensive menu of sandwiches, burgers, soups, stews, and assorted finger foods.

First up is the BBC sandwich. ($5.95).

A crisp yet fluffy bun of fresh toasted Kaiser roll goodness. With generous portions of Green leaf lettuce, tomatoes, and red onions this chicken sandwich was mean and ready to roll. A thick piece of juicy chicken breast fried to order, dipped in buffalo wing sauce and topped with ranch and bacon. What more could you ask for after a long day of class?

Then the Pastrami on Marble Rye. ($5.50).

Unlike here O'Brien's knows when you order a pastrami sandwich you want pastrami not pieces of standard ham. With dijon mustard and swiss cheese melted on the pastrami you can pretend you're eating semi healthy with it on rye while you're downing a carb loaded beer!

In addition on another visit, I had the Spicy Roast beef sandwich (6.25) which is on a Kaiser roll, topped with pepper jack cheese, chipotle sauce, and roasted pepper sauce. A little bit spicy with tender pieces of "rare" roast beef. I think I finished this sandwich in record time.

What I REALLY like and I REALLY suggest you try ordering is something slightly out of the ordinary from the average beer drinkers point of view. I'd suggest you order the Brewer's Plate.
  • Two sausages split down the middle
  • fresh apples, strawberries, and mangos
  • assorted cheeses
I know right? Cheese and fruit with beer? Crazy talk Charlie! You haven't had wine in so long you're having withdrawals from its matching food. But you know what? all the craze right now is beer and cheese. It's actually a great mix when you get a yeasty lighter beer with less of a hoppy zing. I'm sure some darker beers work to, but I've had great success with that particular combo. The plate is an amazing choice, I suggest it to everyone.

So if you're a beer lover like I am, do yourself a favor and go to O'brien's.

4646 Convoy St.
San Diego, CA


Roger. said...

Holy crap they do have a lot of beers. I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of offerings in your pic. How the heck do you decide what to order!?

Captain Jack said...

The local Chowhounds had a Chow Down (Real a Beer Down) where Josh hosted as the senior hop head. I must say I was impressed by the bottle selection.

Charlie Fu said...

Roger: I asked haha. They asked me what kind of flavor profiles I liked and I told them. Very much like wine =)

Captain Jack: yeah definitely awesome beer selection in the middle of Asiatown.

Anonymous said...

Do the sandwiches/burgers come with fries or anything?

Charlie Fu said...

nope, they just come alone. You have to order fries yourself.

Josh said...

Jeez Charlie, we've only been talking about O'Brien's on CH for three years! :-)

Glad you finally made it there. It is indeed one of San Diego's gems as far as great beer selections go. Tom Nickel is a huge fan of Belgian beers, so their Belgian selection is second to none in San Diego.

However, we do have a number of other great beer venues that have similarly impressive bottle selections, if a bit less depth in the Belgian department.

You should also check out Churchill's Pub in San Marcos, Hamilton's Tavern in South Park, and Liars' Club in Alpine. All three places have exemplary bottle selections.