Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Snack time with pistachios

I am currently sitting inside our school's library trying to gather enough intellectual stimulus to write a brief about the constitutionality of holding foreign citizens indefinitely in Guantanamo Bay, but my mind can't get pass the need for a snack. I need something to eat! So what better than a healthy snack of pistachio nuts?

Over the past 2 months I've gotten an intense craving for pistachios. I was able to purchase some from Fiddyment Farms up in Northern California at $5 a pound.
When I told people I was buying pistachios at $5 a lb they thought I was crazy.... apparently Costco sells them for $15 for a 6 pound bag. But after tasting pistachios from far and wide, I've realized not all pistachios are created equal. The Fiddyment Farm pistachios were out of this world. They beat down the Costco pistachios, the Trader Joe pistachios and the oh so horrible Ralph's brand pistachios.

Just to be sure my first order wasn't a trick, I ordered another 5lb bag from their website. Five lbs is the smallest size that they have at $31 after shipping/tax. In case you've never seen a five pound bag of pistachios before, this is what it looks like empty. And they were just as good as I remembered them.

No.. I did not eat them all... YET hehe. I carefully partition them into quart size plastic bags so I can carry them around for my daily fiber intake =P. (begin sounding like an infomercial.... now!)

The great thing about these pistachios is that each one is perfectly salted. Sometimes when you buy a bag of pistachios you get some with absolutely no flavor, while some are so salty you need a bag of water to eat down a single pistachio. Not with these puppies, each one is perfect, you can snack on them for hours (if you have enough pistachios to last you hours) without getting thirsty!

As well, each pistachio is huge, they are monsters compared to their small cousins from the other stores. (Ralph's left, Fiddy right)
As well each pistachio is perfectly baked, the inside skin is brown on every single one. I've also had no trouble opening these pistachios because almost everyone was fully baked open revealing its tender meat to me in all its glory. Each one is hulled and dried immediately after picking so you supposedly get the freshest pistachios possible.

As you can see, each one of the Fiddy's (left) are bursting out of the saying "I OFFER NO RESISTANCE EAT ME AS YOU WANT", while the Ralph's brand (right) are meek and scared of coming out to play. I recently had a competition with someone and I could shell more than 30 pistachios in under a minute, I am truly a beast. Well.. at least the Fiddyment farm ones.. the normal ones probably significantly less due to their randomnly closed nature.

Look at the size of these puppies, I just saw the Cloverfield monster and he/she said "man that's a biggg pistachio".

So if you ever have a craving for pistachios do yourself a favor and spend a couple extra bucks and buy these. You definitely won't regret it.

Fiddyment Farms Pistachios

p.s. I know you can't eat 5lbs, feel free to send some my way.
p.p.s. I also have 2 lbs of Ralph's pistachios if anyone wants them.


caroline said...

LOL! Great post! Now I want pistachios. But I don't have $31. :( I guess I'll have to save up!

Jewels said...

Oh, pistachios are SOO awesome. You're making me drool!

Charlie Fu said...

dang, i forgot to bring them with me to the library =(

Adriana said...

Thank you for the great post on Fiddyment Farms Pistachios. We are thrilled that you love our pistachios and are happy with the quality of our product. You are a true pistachio connoisseur! Thank you for your business!

Adriana Fastro
Sales Manager
Fiddyment Farms Inc

Kathy said...

I will eat your pistachios from Ralphs. Don't waste!

Alice Q. said...

Those are some nice looking pistachios - Trader Joes has some organic pistachios right now that are fantastic, but also pretty expensive - about 10 bucks a bag I think.

ivy and jen said...

I just bought some lime & chili flavored pistachios at Trader Joes. Not bad.

juliemarg said...

I just twittered fiddyment farms chili lime pistachios purchased at the fabulous Corti Brothers (best grocery store in America)

kaeta said...

I was at Bishop's a couple of weeks ago and they had your shelled garlic and onion pistachios. I would like to buy them year round. I didn't find them in your on-line store.

Ginny said...

I am sitting here eating the Garlic Onion in Shell Pistachios....WOW...they are amazing!!! The came in my Foodzie Box..will be ordering some for my family for their xmas on January 7th. Thanks!! Great Pistachios!!