Wednesday, February 20, 2008

El Indio, the oldest and worst mexican restaurant in San Diego

San Diego, home of the taqueria on every street corner! Everywhere you turn there's a taco joint: Robertos, Albertos, Sergio, Super Bronco ETCETCETCETC! But the San Diego institute known around world is El Indio. El Indio has been politically incorrect with their sign since 1940. (hehe). Located on India street in the heart of San Diego, El Indio is essentially the grand daddy of San Diego taquerias. You can tell that's its old since a good chunk of its clientle remember when it opened. Now the problem with this is that its become less of a great place to eat, but more of a family institution. You've grown up eating it so you don't bother going somewhere else. El Indio is a safe place for the middle to upper middle class home owning folk to get some mexican food and pretend they are slumming it. Grandparents are bringing their children who in turn are bringing their children. The majority of the crowd here is not the crowd you typically see in your Roberto's joint.

And when I say crowd.. Wowsers. This place has its own dedicated parking lot because just so many people come here. The line at any given time that we were there was 15-20 deep. FIFTEEN TO TWENTY DEEP. When we started to wait in line I was hoping that the food would bless me with winning lottery numbers cause I can't figure any other reason why so many people would come here.


This is NOT an exaggeration. The burrito at my HORRIBLY CRAPPY school cafeteria is better than this. I don't use such bold proclamations without being 100% certain, and without a doubt this is the most over-hyped, worst tasting Mexican restaurant in San Diego.

Allow me to show you why. Please join me on a magical photo tour.

#1. The size of the burrito.

The burritos here are extraordinarily small. Any other taqueria in San Diego would have a burrito that is easily 2x the size. Of course the real culprit is what's inside the burrito

#2. The horribly inadequate filling in the burrito

This is one of their "special" burritos. It's called the "San Diego Burrito", filled with grilled chicken breast, sour cream, cheese, and avocado it'll fill anyone's appetite!


I opened it up and took a picture for you to see JUST HOW CRAPPY the inside of the burrito is. The kicker? After tax this burrito was $6.

I would have paid $3 tops for this burrito.

Now you're probably thinking I got something special. But nope. California burrito? same price... every other burrito is high $4 to low $5 pre tax. That's just atrocious.

Btw, chicken was dry, barely any avocado, and its essentially just tortilla. The California burrito also sucks more donkey than a red light district show in Amsterdam.

#3 For being the home of the "taquito" and not "rolled taco" as they so proudly say, the thing is a real piece of crap.

You know what? I'd rather have a roll taco than this limp piece of fried turd. Do you see the thing? its practically bending. ITS FRIED TACO SHELL CRUST IS BENDING.

I am so utterly disappointed in this place. I have no idea why so many people wait in line for this insult to a part of a drunk college student's staple diet. My girlfriend was so disappointed in this place she wouldn't talk to me for a hour. THAT'S HOW SERIOUS WE ARE ABOUT THE ATROCITY THAT IS BEING COMMITTED ON INDIA STREET!

I highly suggest to EVERYONE that reads this blog (all 50 of you) NOT to patronize this restaurant. Do not even give it ONE chance. Allow the old folk and their kids to grow out of it (or the kids to realize there are actually better things to eat than this place) and let it die away.

Thank you.

This has been a public service announcement of the Better Food for Your Time and Money Commission.

El Indio
3695 India Street
San Diego.


Nicholas said...

i actually laughed when you wrote it was the worst mexican place in bold and a larger font.

Jennywenny said...

Thanks for saving me a detour! I pass india st every day on my way up to hillcrest and when I saw it on 'diners, drive ins and dives' it piqued my interest, but thats another place I dont need to try!

I did think it was rather imperialistic with this old white guy running it and all the mexican ladies working to make the tortillas etc.

Thanks for giving me a laugh today! I have to say, not being a connoseur(sp?) or anything, I'm fairly happy with an occasional rubios and happier with the odd wahoos, as I'm not a meat eater.

Charlie Fu said...

nick: I am a man of conviction.

jenny: I'd much rather get Saffron next door for the same price but significantly healthier and tastier food.

Ghetto Gourmet said...

I love their tortilla chips, but was majorly disappointed by the carne asada burrito I once had there. After standing in line for 20minutes on my lunch break for that, I didn't get what the big deal was either.

Charlie Fu said...

ghetto: my friend told me the same thing, he liked their chips but a 20 minute wait was not worth it at all!
What's the deal!?

Frank said...

I almost have to try it to see just how bad it is...kinda like bad movies: when people say that it's bad , you just have to check it out for yourself.

Charlie Fu said...

Frank: your money. =P

Anonymous said...

Or like when someone says "smell this, it's disgusting" and you sniff anyway! Don't do it Frank! Save yourself!

Ghetto Gourmet said...

Someone brought in a bag of El Indio tortilla chips at an office potluck to go w/ her own homemade salsa. Loved those chips, but I agree, I wouldn't stand in line for 20 minutes for those chips. Best to go at some odd hour if you ever want a bag for a party or something.

caninecologne said...

dude you are so right - el indio is over rated.

also, everyone raves about their chips. they're really not that great. too thick.

sucks you had to lose out on some $$$ buying their stuff.

Josh said...

Awesome rant. This place is horrible. If you really want to cringe, get someone you dislike to order the mordiditas. It's the crappy taquitos chopped up and served in nacho cheese sauce (and no, I'm not joking).

Anonymous said...

I think you are being ridiculous. I had the largest burrito I had ever seen there and it was delicious. The other food wasn't awesome but the burrito was. Even in the picture you posted it was the size of your arm. How much do you eat? Judging from those scrawny arms I think that it was plenty.

Charlie Fu said...

Yes the burrito in that picture is gigantic. So huge that it dwarfs my measly arms.

Sharon said...

Oh no! I found this review as we were planning to go here tonight....perhaps a rework is in order for this evening. Thanks for the review!

Charlie Fu said...

btw to anonymous: that arm is my gf's arm. Who's a small asian girl, so that burrito is pretty damn small.

Sharon: *whew* good you didn't go!There are so many other taco shops in san diego that one does not have to spend there time at this one =)

Bob said...

Truly pathetic. For a time they had a location at the corner of PB Drive and Mission. Hard to believe, but it was worse than India St. which, once upon a time long before you were born, had edible food. I'd go to Roberto's or Alberto's or even Rubio's any day before I'd set foot in El Indio.

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