Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Road Tripping through Europe: Pizza in Italy!

Over winter break my family and I went to Europe for our winter vacation. Our first stop was Italy! Home of the pizza pie (*its a me! mario! heyyy you want a piece of pizza pie!*)

The main thing I wanted to eat while in Italy pizza. Now, I am by no means a pizza connoisseur and hence no pizza snob, heck, I LOVE Pizza Hut, that’s easily one of my favorite pizzas out there. But I wanted to try real thin sliced Italian Pizza. Unfortunately our whole tour was composed of stops at gasoline stations till this point so we didn’t have much of an opportunity to have pizza. We finally were allowed to have some “self” time at the Trevi fountain and in my infinite wanderings to find foreign food in dark corners, we found a pizza shop.

My oh my the varieties of pizza! Slices of mozzarella, chunks of tomato, prosciutto, olives, peppers, mushrooms buried the centimeter thick pizza dough. What caught my eye was the pizza with generous button mushrooms, mozzarella, tomatoes, and no tomato sauce. I absolutely love these types of pizza that are without tomato sauce, and where the flavors come from the olive oil, rich cheese and thick slices of vegetables. My brother got pizza with light tomato sauce but absolutely covered in roasted green and red peppers.

Pizza is different here , you don’t really pay by the slice, you pay by weight. So you can get as many small slices of something or big pieces and they just throw it on a scale and you pay by what shows on the scale.

The pizza was fantastico, nice and crisp and the mozzarella cheese is still in thick enough chunks where you get that thick creamy flavor. And the tomatoes, oh *drool*, so sweet and flavorful.

One pizza came out after I finished mine that really piqued my interest, a thick slice and one whole slice of a tomato covered a pizza with basil leaves on top. I didn’t have the opportunity but I’m sure that pizza would have been delightful.

Geez, I love this type of pizza, I wish I could have thin crust, crispy dough pizza everywhere I go.


Nicholas said...

thin crust is the best! that caprese pizza looks very good.

chicago-style pizza lover said...

no way, deep dish rocks! all those carbs . . . mmmm. i reckon you probably didn't see very many pan pizzas in italy, did you, clayfood?

www.granada-3d.com said...

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