Thursday, January 3, 2008

Las Vegas: Buffet Part B!

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I'm back! I have much to tell you of Europe, but first let's quickly conclude Las Vegas this week!

Buffet #2

I write to you while on a bus to Paris.

I believe myself to be a man of much culinary diversity, I shall not dine only in the most expensive of buffets, for as we’ve all learned in our culinary travels, price does not instantly equate to quality. My favorite term to use when it comes to food is QPR, the quality price ratio. A quality scale of 1-10 and a price scale of 1-10. Of course this scale doesn’t work for everything. A 3 star Michellan restaurant in Paris may be a 10 on the quality scale and a 10 in costliness but may still be visited with frequency and eagerness, even with a QPR of only 1. Not the best qualifier for qualifier for food, but it works well for the majority.

So to counter the “best” buffet in the $20+ range in Vegas, we decided to try the “best” buffet in the under $20 range. From my readings online the majority consensus seems to be the Main Street Casino Buffet in downtown Las Vegas.

If you’ve never been to downtown Las Vegas, it’s a good distance from the Las Vegas Strip where most people stay. You’re looking at a 15 minute taxi ride from mid strip to downtown. We took the Deuce to downtown which took about 30 minutes. The Deuce is the Vegas bus, it goes up and down the strip and into downtown. It’s supposed to be a 7 minute wait at each stop.. but uh... I don’t think we have ever seen it come under 15 minutes and I’d like to believe we were just lucky that one time, cause the rest we’ve waited 20+ and we’ve never seen it. It seems like a good deal with a $5 24 hour all you can ride... but uh, its up to you if you think its worth it. A one way taxi ride to downtown is about $15.

Downtown Las Vegas is all old school glamor, with tons of flashing neon lights and the Fremont Experience. The best part? Cheap food ($4 steak and eggs?) and Cheap gambling (20x odds with $5 in craps?).

The Main street Casino Buffet was $8 for a lunch buffet. To be honest I wasn’t really expecting much. I thought Circus Circus (I WRITE THIS IN BOLD : if you EVER want to go to the circus circus buffet, stop yourself, it may be cheap but its DEFINITELY not worth it. What goes in, WILL come out in the most violent fashion, heck, what goes in look like what comes out) buffet costs would mean circus circus quality. But I was in for a shock when I got in. The buffet was actually pretty large. There was a BBQ, American, Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Salad, bread, Dessert Station. And the food was actually very tasty.

The fried chicken (always a good indicator) had a sweet savory flavor, nice crisp skin. They also had good BBQ ribs that weren’t like standard buffets that were harder than stone. The buffet also had delicious candied yams, littered with little melted marshmallows *yum!*

The Mexican station had a variety of make your own tacos/burritos as well as very delicious cheese filled/stretchy enchiladas. I tried to take just half of one.. but the worker made me take the whole thing =P. As well they are constantly making rotisserie chicken, Mystery Eater said it was good, but I’m a fried chicken man so I never tried it.

Oddly enough for me, the best item there was in the Chinese section. Chicken wings with cellophane noodles. Almost like a stew , you have big ol Chinese wings mixed in with the noodles. (item located bottom right)

I really don’t think you can go wrong with an $8 buffet. I highly recommend making a detour to check it out. Supposedly on Fridays and weekends they have seafood (crab legs and the such) for $15 a person during the dinner time. Cheap, good food and cheap, good gambling, you just can’t say no.


KirkK said...

Hey clayfu - When I lived back home - we used to stay downtown - either the California or Main Street....I really wouldn't call it glamour, more like "cheese". As for the the Circus Circus Buffet...why don't you just finish off the job and go all the way....Imperial Palace....people walk in, roaches walk out.

Charlie Fu said...

Kirk: Haha i didn't even know Imperial Palace had a buffet. I just remember the best thing at Circus Circus was hot dog and beans, which is pretty bad.

Sandy said...

I'll keep the Main Street buffet in mind the next time I go to Las Vegas.

I always wondered if anyone outside of Hawaii ever stays at the California :-) When in LV, I have to have their oxtail soup. It's on the late night specials (11pm to 9am) although the soup is served until 11am.

I wonder if there's any place in California that serves it?

Oh, and the California has Lappert's Ice Cream.

Sandy said...

Shoulda been more clear ... can one find oxtail soup in the state of California? Besides homemade?

Nicholas said...

i think we should go, i havent been to vegas in awhile, and i want to eat alot once my jaw heals up

Charlie Fu said...

nick: we will go once your jaw heals. If you drive. =PPPPP