Tuesday, January 30, 2007

back it up with max odds!

Most of my friends in law school are not from the San Diego area, some come from as far south as Louisiana, some even as far east as Georgia, so their experiences in food tend to be quite different from what i eat.

My friends of the paler skin complexion always ask me to take them eating here and there and everywhere.

Which leads to our story *gather around kids*

About a week ago my friends and i were playing poker. The question of Indian Casino's came up, as they joked about how horrible and cheap most of the casino's must be and how there are Native American's stationed outside ready to take their money. They were rather surprised when i told them that the casino's in San Diego were almost Vegas-like (almost , I SAID ALMOST!!!).

So this past Wednesday was my friend's birthday and his only wish was to eat at Barona Casino's Buffet.

Not one to say no to craps,war, and banana fosters (just wait!) i showed them all the way. The five of us piled into a car and took that windy mountain road to Barona's.

Anyways, enough with the stories! on to the food!.

The general buffet at Barona's on any weekday is 16.99, with their preferred members card its 20% off. On Thursday its "prime rib" night which is not only prime rib, but also steamed crab legs (lines are insane for this), unfortunately the price goes up to 21.99

Their "main" attraction on the normal days is the Mongolian BBQ. Some people like Mongolian BBQ quite alot. I'd actually venture to say more than some.

At Barona they have a selection of cabbage, green peppers, onions, napa cabbage, tofu, bean sprouts, spinach, brocolli, and eight different sauces (from sweet and sour to hot and spiccccy). After you pick your selections they top it off with some noodles and you pick between chicken/beef/pork/shrimp.

Personally, their Mongolian BBQ is lacking. Its pretty flavorless even if you pour on the sauce like a fraternity initiation night. I've tried this without the noodles, i really think in this case Less is more. (so in your face radio guy who says less is more is stupid!).

As a gentle substitute for the lack of crab legs they have laid out a spread of peel and eat shrimp. If you like your shrimp cold and tasty this is the place to be.
Coming from a chinese family where fresh seafood is a pre-requisite for our dinners the idea of frozen seafood has rarely apealed to me. Except when it comes to cocktail shrimp. The shrimp at Barona's weren't anything to take a picture and write home about (haha oh my) but they weren't bad. Average size but a lil above average taste.

Funny quote tho heard at my table : "what do you do with all the little legs on the shrimp!? i've never seen this before"

Next is the sushi.
*yawn* see that sushi? yeah nothing amazing. Its average buffet sushi, not as bad as the crappy rice chinese buffets use for their sushi but its just standard fare.

And what good is a buffet without a nice Roast heat lamp?

Today they had an elegant Leg of Lamb slightly over done with a dash of flavor, a over-well done Roast beef that even an old man would ask for a rarer slice, and a very average turkey.

okay i lie, the lamb wasn't THAT bad. I just expect a little bit of rare on my lamb, this had none. But i hold true to the rest of the items. A heat lamp never does a body good.

One of my favorite areas in this buffet is their "mexican" grill area. The kitchen staff is constantly producing fresh corn tortillas to mix with Lengua, carintas, carne asada, fried fish, and many many more! My personal favorite is the shrimp pictured here. I don't know what its stir fry'd in but one of the key ingredients must be TASTY. THey are constantly making new batches of this in front of the grill, the stuff just doesn't seem to last. (cause they are all in my stomach =P)

The next two pictures shows the salsa spread, pretty good for a buffet, but considering we're in San Diego i'd expect the Mexican food section to be better than most *unlike the chinese section which sucksssssssssss*

Another great thing that they have here is the white/milk chocolate fountains! Usually they have tons and tons of strawberries piled up in a mountain of delectable delights. But today they had no strawberries =( Instead we have apples, marshmallows, pretzel sticks, and banana's. Good flavor chocolate, i wish there were Strawberries tho, nothing like juicy fruit + hard chocolate rolling in my mouth ..... *drool*. Just isn't the same with an Apple.

But my favorite dessert, which my friends can attest to is the Banana Foster which they make fresh for you!

Combination of brown sugar and Banana Liquor heated in a pan (almost like a paste) then with added Banana's to help it stew. Right before taking it out a shot of brandy is thrown over it.

Add a little bit of vanilla ice cream....... and there you have it! one of the most delicious treats known to man.

Ah i do like Barona Buffet, somedays its better than others but this was an enjoyable experience. I'm glad they got rid of "BBQ" night, which was a huge disappointment, dry ribs anyone?

If you by any chance do go gambling try and drop by the Buffet its pretty good. I don't know if i'd drive 40+ minutes SOLELY to eat the buffet, since its not AMAZING, but its definitely enjoyable.

Service is a little slow when it comes to getting your drinks but the waitress/waiters are usually pretty nice.

They even prepared a lil dessert gift for my friend! look at all those sweeeeeets!

Monday, January 29, 2007

K's all over. (alert, pictures seem to be broken will fix ASAP!)

I've mentioned K's Sandwiches before in a previous post, they are most well known for their delicious vietnamese/french - style sandwiches for reasonable and cheap prices that even a child could afford.

Actually i take that back, as a kid ages 8-12 i got about 50 cents a day to buy myself a bag of chips, usually flaming hot cheetos from the vending machines, so for me to buy a K's sandwich (2.50) i would have to save for five days. As a child i had no such self control not to have chips for five days straight. In all honesty, i don't even have that self control now! (except i don't eat chips, how bout chick fil a?).

Anyways, since i've already talked about these style sandwiches (don't get me wrong they are DELICIOUS here, my girlfriend always wants to get some to go when she goes back to Davis) i want to refer you to something a little different here.

Unlike Lee's sandwiches which has a very small selection of non-sandwich style foods, K's actually has a "hot" dish area and some other pre-made vietnamese delicacies. They also have a little fresh bread section which i will go into more e-la-borate detail.

The top row has a bunch of different "stuffed" croissants. Apple, Strawberry, cream cheese, and my particular favorite with chocolate! UHHUM. Flaky on the outside but nice and soft in the middle. I don't feel as though the bread i'm eating is too hard to bite into .

They also have a large variety of vietnamese deserts.
I personally have only tried one, its a multi colored "rice" paper jellies, alot of the stuff here has coconut inside and i can't say i really like it all that much =(

This meatball/fishball stick is pretty new, this is the first time i've ever seen it.
This reminds me of those little carts in Asia that you just pick out a stick and stab at the fishballs =P

The item on the left, i actually have no idea what it is. I ordered it before and they pour fishsauce on it. Its almost like a beancurb product? but more jello-ish?
On the right is the fried rice which is pretty standard and of COURSE the spring rolls! very very cheap, 2 spring rolls for about 2.50$! a steal! the only problem i have with these is that sometimes they put lettuce strips in it... its very whatevers. When they don't put it in its a steal!

This is one of my favorite dishes that they have in their hot lamps, stir fried noodle
They stir fry egg noodles with alot of cilantro and they layer shrimp and chicken on top of it. They are a little stingy with the meat but they do give you both chicken and shrimp. I personally take it to go and make another dish on it, because the flavor isn't particularly strong on it. But its cheap and its good.

THEN they have beef stew and chicken curry!
You get a nice big bowl of 4 pieces of chicken "thigh" or some beef and a medium size baguette. THe flavor is extremely good, not too STRONG of a flavor and definitely not spicy. The onions and carrots are stewed just enough so they aren't too mushy or too hard. Its 4.50$ for a bowl with the bread! Very much worth it.

So when you go to K's next time you don't HAVE to get the sandwiches! or if you go with a large enough group you can have both the sandwiches and share all the other items! UHHUM i love large parties! that means more food for me! =)

Monday, January 22, 2007

A Surprise find

When i first started college at UCSD i had no idea where to go to eat. I couldn't bear the fact that i would have to take a 15 minute shuttle ride to get the CLOSEST campus food, on top of which it costs me 8-10$ to get full off of campus food.

Luckily i had a roommate who was a San Diego native. He would take me to random places to eat, he even introduced me to the wonders of Convoy. (well wonders as much as san diego can have a wonder of asian food).

But one of the best things he ever showed me is one of the greatest sandwich stands in San Diego.

I love a good sandwich, stacked high with meat and fresh vegetables on a fluffy yet... flaky piece of bread. The type of sandwich that you bite into and you get a large crunch from the fresh lettuce they use. Ahhhhhh i have found such a place.

Hold your breath for the anticipation.
Hold it...
Don't let go yet!!

La jolla Ralph's Supermarket.

I kid you not. This isn't your run of the mill supermarket deli's, they have amazing pre-made panini's and tons of Boar's Head deli meat.

Everyone knows the most critical part of a good sandwich is the veggies *unless you really like meat filled jewish-deli style sandwiches*. And Ralph's doesn't disappoint.
Their sandwich counter is always STOCKED with fresh veggies. Green Peppers, Alfalfa Sprouts, Red Onions, Tomatoes, Romaine Lettuce, Pepperchinis, Pickles, and Avocados. Always extremely crisp and in the Avocado's case always creamy!

The next in the important sandwich formula is great bread. LOOK NO FURTHER THAN THIS COUNTER OF LOVE.
We're looking at fresh croissants that flake at every bite. Full sturdy rolls/baggettes, sometimes just plain, with a lil extra flour, or even with poppy on it! They even have hamburger size sandwich buns!
my favorite sandwich is a turkey club with half roastbeef and half turkey. They use their specialty meats sometimes, so you'll notice ridges on the meat that denote non-butterball meat. As you can see, i have stacked up lettuce, turkey, bacon, roast beef, tomato, avocado, mayo, deli mustard, green peppers, and red onions.
The thickness is just amazing. Just looking at this picture again makes me want to eat right now! The best part of this deli is the amount of effort the workers put into your sandwich. They layer every piece of meat piece by piece onto your sandwich, tear off all of the bottom parts of the lettuce so you only get the green leafy parts, ah the effort brings a *tear* to my eyes.
The only problem here is during lunch time they get extremely packed. Due to the fact that they take so long to make your sandwich you wait for quite a bit to get your sandwich done. But when its done its well worth the wait!.

On weekdays for $1 more you get a soda and a bag of chips. Normally the sandwich costs 5.99$

Ralph's La Jolla
8677 Villa La Jolla Dr, La Jolla, 92037

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

banh mi! dac biet!

When i was a young child my mom would bring my brother and I "french style" sandwiches from the local drink shop. I absolutely loved the pickled radishes/carrots, grilled chicken/pork/beef, and the crispy french bread! After i stopped eating them around age 9/10 i completely forgot about them... that is until last year!

My girlfriend told me about a sandwich place in San Diego called K's Sandwiches which served these amazing sandwiches. So we go and lo and behold! my childhood love!

Vietnamese sandwiches, "banh mi". Cheap, tasty, quick. I say with confidence that i love a great meal, especially one as cheap as a large $2 Sandwich.

For this particular sandwich i will show you, i went to Lee's Sandwich in Irvine. My friends and i were coming back from a drunken night of debauchery and video games at the local Dave and Busters trying to find a place to eat. Apparently Irvine shuts down at about 9pm, luckily we had some super secret contacts that were able to inform us about Lee's Sandwiches being open at 2am. After stumbling all over the UCirvine area trying to find this place, we happen upon the restaurant.

For anyone that's never been to Lee's, its actually a chain store. They sell Vietnamese sandwiches, Croissant Sandwiches, Eggrolls, gelato, drinks, and other tasty little vietnamese treats.

My personal favorite is the bánh mì dāc bịêt. (nice the text copied).

Its a combination of 3 different types of vietnamese deli meats. Different places put different types of meat in them. One place i go to next to my apartment puts BBQ pork inside! (delicious) Usually its a lean type of ham, some preserved meat, and some patte. Definitely not for the unadventurous, some of my friends don't like it all that much due to the fact that they think they have gelatin swimming in their mouths while they are eating. Lee's probably has my least favorite Dac Biet, i think the patte is a lil too overpowering, i prefer having a hint of that flavor instead of GLOBS AND GLOBS OF IT.

For the faint of heart, there is the basic grilled chicken/pork/beef.

You remember all the meats i listed for the dac biet? *shakes hands in a fury* now get rid of all of them, and pick one of those meats above. Very simple taste, but very delicious. If you've never had banh mi before, i suggest trying a version like this.

But beware, their peppers are extra spicy inside! it'll leave a very nice burning sensation in your mouth.

Lee's also has a pretty good eggroll. 5 eggrolls for 2.50, with shrimp and ground pork inside, that was extremely tasty

Ah Lee's. Since i love the fact you are open till 2am, i give you extra kudos, but since i'm not too big of a fan of your sandwich itself...

Lee's Sandwiches.
4127 Campus Dr
Irvine, CA 92612
(949) 509-9299

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What i do for what i love

You know, i really like Korean BBQ. I also really love All you can eat Korean BBQ. The only problem i have with this love is the fact that i can never find one in a 30 mile radius. So everytime i do go eat on in Los Angeles it becomes an expedition.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

One Ninety Nine Are You Out of Your Mind!!!?

In Rowland Heights there used to be a dimsum that charged you about 1.65 for each dish, no matter what the dish was. The only problem is even tho it was cheap.... the food wasn't very good.

Enter New Capital. Located in the Diamond Plaza (viewable from the 60 freeway off of Fullerton) next to the ever FOB Life Plaza (<3)Flavor is strong, but not so overpowering that you can't eat more than one. Ah how i love chicken feet

Next is my 2nd favorite dish, Pai gu (pork spareribs)
These are usually marinated in a black bean sauce. Toss one of these lil buggers in your mouth and you have yourself a wonderful combination of pork trimming/meat.

This is probably my favorite non-steamed dish. Its a fried flour, very crispy, with mayo + shrimp+ scallops mixed inside. Sometimes you dip it in condensed milk.
The version at New Capital is probably the best i've had! Extremely crispy which is always a plus! the only detraction is probably the use of green peppers inside. It adds a lil bitter flavor to a dish with sweet flavor.

NOW MY FAVORITE DISH EVER. Cherng Feng (rice noodle, with whatever meat you pick wrapped in it)
There are a large assortments of meat you can pick from with this dish: beef, shrimp, bbq pork, and SOMETIMES fish. Its covered in a sweet soy-sauce and just wonderful. This dish at New Capital is very similar to the other versions at other restaurants but since i love it so much this one was delicious! If you've never had this, the rice noodle is slightly stretchy, for new chopstick users, this is the ultimate challenge!

We also ordered fried smelt fish i believe (not sure)

The fish actually still have eggs inside, which i find rather interesting. I didn't find it to be anything special, but my mom liked it alot.

Finally shrimp wrapped in tofu skin.
This is a slightly crisp tofu skin, which was interesting. I first didnt' care for it, but the more i ate it the more i liked it. There were nice pieces of shrimp inside and the tofu skin really grew on me.

We did order some additional dishes, but if i kept uploading more pictures i'm sure Blogspot would have flagged me thinking i was hosting pornography! (haha *wew*).

For the price and the quality this dimsum really can't be beat. I really liked the amount of dishes that you could select from, on par with the Sam Woo of the old. (RIP SAM WOO). The taste may not be #1, but its definitely well worth the trip.

New Capital (thank you to every person that pointed this out to me, i am a retard)
1330 Fullerton Rd
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

a rating system.

While at Lucille's my friends suggested that i have a sort of rating system for my food. So we came up with a little system of stomachs. The food is rated from one stomach to four stomachs.

Such as: Would you eat a human that has one stomach? YUCK
But you would eat a cow that has four stomachs! DELICIOUS

(i know there are animals you would eat that have one stomach, but let me be creative and think i'm funny. thank you very much)

So be on the lookout for these little stomachs!

churrascaria deliciousness

I've always had a fascination with Brazilian BBQ. The idea that you can have all you can eat meat constantly being brought to you so you can stuff yourself without ever leaving your seat is one of the great joys in life. So my "back at home" eating partner Nick and I decided to make an expedition to Greenfields for lunch .

Churrascaria's are very interesting in deed. They have elaborate salad bars and other hot items to DISTRACT YOU from your main goal of meat. As well they have a little traffic light style wooden gadget that you flip to red when you dont want to eat anymore and if you still want to destroy your stomach with meat, you can flip it to green! Waiters come around with skewers of meat and slice and dice their ways into your heart /kiss.

Greenfields is probably the first churrascaria i've been to in my life. Its fairly large, much larger than any other ones that i've been to so far. It has an above average size salad bar/hot food buffet area, to be honest i've never ventured to try anything there except for the fried bananas, cheese bread, soup, and tomatoes. Sadly the fried bananas are utterly disgusting , fried fruit shouldn't sit in a warming tray for too long cause the crispyness disappears, and the banana just isn't mushy enough. I've had much better fried bananas in the San Diego Churrascaria.

Their cheese bread is very delicious. Think of little donut holes... filled with cheese. Except instead of a donut .. its bread. (sorry trying to create a visual, they didn't serve them at lunch).

You may ask why i get tomatoes? Since the meat is so greasy and salty due to standard Churrascaria grilling/cooking style (a whole lot of salt!), the tomato really helps relax my palette for optimal eating haha.
If you've never been to a Churrascaria, this is what it looks like. A waiter brings around giant skewers of meat and slices off pieces for you. I've been told that traditional Churrascaria meat is medium to well done. They also give you the outer layers because most of the flavoring is on the skin.

As you can see in this picture, i am overly eager to grab the meat, but at the same time still diligent on my job of taking pictures for your enjoyment.

They usually serve an assortments of meat, Beef/Pork Shortribs, Sirloin Steak, Chicken, Sausage, Turkey wrapped in bacon, Porkchops, Beef Sirloin shishkabobs, Chicken Hearts, Skirt Steak, Duck, Lamb and a Garlic Ribeye. This is just their lunch menu! Dinner i believe they add a much larger assortment of meat, like a giant rack of beef rib that they cart around and cut for you. On this plate, (from left to right) is a small piece of tri-tip, chicken thigh, and pork short-rib.
The chicken thigh is amazingly juicy and easily one of my favorite meats. All of the pork items must be eaten immediately, cause they dry up quickly, if you do eat it quickly its very juicy.

Unless you like your meat well done, be sure to ask for a less cooked piece of meat. They will bring it out for you and it'll have a nice rare/medium rare tint to it.

For some people this might be a lil TOO Bloody, but the sirloin steak was fantastic at this degree opposed to a very tough and chewy medium/well done. I have a saying that if i have to chew a piece of meat for more than 7 chews because its too rough for me to swallow.... that's 2 chews too many!
One of my favorite meats here is the beef short rib. A very generous sized short rib with the right amount of fat and meat that leaves your lips smacking with oil and grease. UH HUM OIL AND GREASE WHAT MORE CAN A MAN ASK FOR!

On my list of meats i like is the beef shishkabob. The meat itself is nothing spectacular, but the onion that they grill with it is oddly sweet. I was tempted to just ask them for the onion and give the meat to someone else!

I also am a huge fan of the skirt steak. I find it to be.. a very thin meat, light and chewy but not the kind of chewy that makes you angry. a little slice of tomato and a piece of skirt steak is a match made in BBQ heaven.

The restaurant also has a dessert cart that they bring around, but since i'm here for the all you can eat , i've yet to sample the cart.

I find Greenfields to be one of the better Churrascaria's around, especially since their price is also cheaper than most of the ones in the area. Also their service is very prompt, they pick up dirty dishes quickly and continuously refill your drinks without asking. (even after sitting there for 2.5 hours... we weren't eating most of the time just talking, i swear)

its 14.95 for lunch and 25.95 for dinner.

381 Noth Azusa Ave.
West Covina, CA 91790

Sunday, January 7, 2007

The simple pleasures in life

My girlfriend passed by Won Kok, a chinese restaurant on friday and bought me some dan ta and cha su bao. Since my brother is a scavenger and ate one of the dan ta before i could take a picture of it (i confess i did as well) all i have is a picture of the cha su bao.

This restaurant is extremely popular, its located in Downtown Los Angeles in the China Town area, parking is near impossible at this restaurant and there is a giant line for little dim sum treats for take out. Usually when my mom goes she ends up buying a dozen of these buns, a dozen of the chicken buns, and a dozen dan tat for my my brother and i.

If you notice, the meat isn't as red as standard cha su meat. Its a brownish color, but its extremely meaty, not little pieces you normally find at dim sum.

I ate this over 48 hours after she bought it, popped it into the microwave for no more than 45 seconds and they came out fresh and steamy.

The bun itself is good, soft and sweet, just like it ought to be.

The restaurant itself also has a very large sitdown menu, cheap prices and HUGE dishes, i've yet to give it a try but its there if anyone feels the need to eat there.

Won Kok
210-10 Alpine St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Friday, January 5, 2007

I have the memory of a 80 year old.

So last week my family and i went to lucille's bbq in Brea and i forgot to take pictures, so i went again with a couple of my friends the other day. Lucille's is kinda like Claim Jumper but less "chain storey" and they have their own bar with good beer and a bunch of flat panel tv's.

A key word of advice, JUST like claim jumper you will need to wait quite awhile if you don't get there before 5:45. We went at 5pm and we had to 15 minutes, when i went with my family around 6:30 we had to wait a hour on a tuesday night.

The first thing i usually order there is their Muddy waters which is exactly like the drink Arnold Palmer, half ice tea half lemonade. You have a choice between sweetened and non-sweetened tea, but i think the sweetened is just artificial sweetener so it has that nasty aftertaste.

After you order they serve you nice big flake biscuits with apple butter. Apple butter is like heaven on earth, as well as these biscuits! I like to put some of my extra BBQ meat into these delicious biscuits and make myself a bbq sandwich!

On the menu they have a variety of items not just BBQ. They have salads (huge HUGE salads) , sandwiches, and creole/cajun style entrees (jambalaya, Gumbo, fried chicken).

But there bread and butter is the BBQ. You can see the Menu for the BBQ here.

Their best "deals" are the combo platters, where there is a collection of different meats combined together. They have 3 types of ribs: Beef ribs, St Louis , and Baby Back Ribs. I have found the poark ribs are a lil sparse on meat, they tend to be a little bit dry BUT the beef ribs are delicious. A nice mix of meat and fat YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY.

To mix with the ribs they offer 3 jars of BBQ sauce, Hot and Spicy, Original , and the always sweet and scrumdiddlyumptous memphis Sauce (guess which one i like).

Also they have BBQ chicken, which isn't that great unless you like dry white meat. THeir dark meat is juicy but once it gets to the white meat it turns extremely dry. (can't say i've had good bbq chicken breast in my life before).

They also serve rib tips (shrug average), brisket (some parts are overdone, some are good), tri tip (looks more like cha sau meat to me!) , and pulled pork (please look up at brisket).Here is a pciture of my deconstructed sidepork order. On the left is rib tips, middle is half a chicken, and the right side is 3 beef ribs. There's a large list of sides that come with the meal, my favorite are the fries and the corn. They probably have the best fries you'll ever have in a sit down restaurant. I would stay clear of the coleslaw which has no mayo what so ever, hence lack of flavor. Also i'm not a huge fan of the creamy cheese grits , about as big of a fan of these grits as i am of britney spears fat folds.

I do suggest this place if you have the opportunity. The service is quick, food comes quick, just the wait is long. It might not be one of the BEST BBQ restaurants i've been to, but its a good place to gather family and friends because of the environment (live jazz music on the weekends!).

Thursday, January 4, 2007

A feminine rice dish

A little background information: My girlfriend studied abroad in Madrid, Spain for a quarter and loves Spanish food (no chips and salsa) and all other things Spanish. We've had Spanish food in San Diego as well as Davis, but never in Los Angeles.

So today we went shopping at the Beverly center in downtown Los Angeles and we heard about a spanish restaurant called La Paella (get my title now? haha) across the street. Since its pretty hard to satisfy my girlfriend's Spanish loving tastes, she was hesitant to believe all of the reviews online for the restaurant.

First off, the restaurant itself is VERY cozy. When i say cozy, i mean you can hear all the conversation going on at the other table, including one gentleman giving HORRID advice on multiple choice testing while he was commenting on how stupid college students are.

But on the other hand, its not brightly lit and there's a nice little candle on your table. The perfect romantic setting... other than the fact you can reach over and eat off the plate of your neighbor.

The menu isn't that large, there are about 30 tapas, 18 warm and 12 cold (you can view the menu here)

As well, there are a couple of seafood and meat menu items. Their key item here is Paella. They range from about 18-22 dollars a person (seafood, different meat, even a noodle paella) . The only bad part is you HAVE to order two orders of Paella, the serving size for this isn't that large, i think its a decent size for the average person. We didn't order the Paella, but everyone else around us did and it smelled and looked amazing.

What we did order were 3 tapas and an entree. Before the tapas and the entree they give you two types of bread and a garlic mayo. The garlic mayo is scrumdiddlyumpious.

The first tapas we ordered was the Champinoses con Chorizo, which is basically Chorizo (sausage) cooked with mushroom. The dish was very delightful, a strong sausage oil flavor infused with the mushroom, you can see the drippings from the sausage mixed with a nice dose of garlic and oil.
The next dish was Gambas al Ajillo, which was just grilled shrimp with an overdose of Garlic. The shrimp were kinda small and it was a very strong garlic taste, i think it might be too much garlic. It wasn't bad.. but it wasn't amazing. I dont think it'd be on the ordering list again.

next is the Tortilla, My girlfriend's favorite dish. Its a blend of egg and potato, with the occasional insertion of onion, eaten both cold or warm. She always tells me that certain days she just gets two pieces of bagette , a sandwich sized slice of Tortilla and just eat it like... a sandwich. The Tortilla here is very tasty, not too much egg nor potato, just the perfect blend, probably one of the best i've had. I also ate it with some of their bread and the garlic mayo... that made it 60x better.

Our Entree was their Mixed Meat grill. It had Chicken, Lamb, Steak, Pork and chorizo (chorizo not pictured, i ate it and i remembered to take a picture) infused with rosemary and garlic, with a side of grilled zuccini and stewed carrots.

The chicken is not very memorable, but i did eat it last, so it might have gotten a little dry... i'm also not a breast kind of guy, i like-y me the dark meat.
The Lamb was probably the best tasting thing on the plate. Very smooth and cooked to a nice medium rare, i am embarassed to say i picked up the bone and tried to chew all the meat i could off of it.
The Steak was just a flat iron steak, nothing spectacular in the meat department but the flavor was good.
The porkchop LOOKS very dry, but due to its thin stature it was actually pretty good. I also tried to pick this up and eat the meat off the bone but my girlfriend glared, so with my excellent knife skills (+2 to knife mastery) i was able to get all the meat off =).
The Chorizo was a lil oily, but like all fatty meats that is to be expected.

I wish the meat dish gave a little more meat, but Shrug, can't be so picky when the food is tasty.

Overall, the food was mui excellente! I want to go back again and try the paella!

The service is very prompt here and the waiters are very nice. They change your plates quickly as well as refill Los Angeles Finest Water when they see it drop past a quarter full.

If you find yourself around the Beverly area, i highly suggest you drop by and give this a taste!

La Paella
476 S San Vicente Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 951-0745