Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thai Roast Chicken , what a deal! (SD)

Wow where has the week gone! Hope everyone in Southern California is doing okay!

For tonight's entry we'll be doing a little place in downtown San Diego called Saffron. Serves Thai soup noodles, curry, stir fry and all the standard fare. What it does that's a little different from all the other Thai restaurants is it has a side restaurant that essentially serves rotisserie chicken!

I found out about this place while eating dinner next door, I was curious what smelled so good. One of my dinner companions told me about Saffron, cheap filling chicken that tasted wonderful. So I dragged along Frank, my only friend with absolutely no fear of food with the ability to eat anything I'd eat (in San Diego at least). Why this precaution? Because the place not only smells like chicken, it seems to occasionally smell like someone pissed at the front door. The India st. locale is not exactly a top notch place to dine, so if you can get past the battered exterior, you might find yourself a gem inside.

The menu at the Saffron Grilled Chicken is pretty simple, you have your choice of a combination of chicken meat that comes with one particular sauce (peanut, siracha, sweet and sour, salsa, chutney), some jasmine rice, and some Cambodian salad.

I opted for the Two thigh combo $5.70(I'm a dark meat kind of guy) with peanut sauce and a side of Chicken Salad Egg roll $1.66 (apparently also a specialty here).
What a meal huh? With the salad roll you get an extra sauce so I picked the Siracha. When you mix the Siracha + the Peanut sauce together you get DELICIOUS! =)

The salad roll is essentially romaine lettuce with some sliced chicken and vermicelli. Really nothing to write home about.
But the actual roast chicken was pretty decent. It wasn't very flavorful but it also wasn't dry. Since they did provide a dipping sauce (which btw is awesome) it really adds a good amount of flavor to the chicken. I dont know if you can tell from the pictures but those are pretty big pieces of thigh. One even had a drumstick attached to it! O_O (i know!)

On top of that the jasmine rice taste good, it wasn't dry like normal restaurant white rice but separated enough where you can scoop mouthful's of it in without it being sticky like japanese rice.

My favorite part of the meal was actually the Cambodian salad. It tasted like a sour cole slaw. That's probably the best description I could give you. Nice crisp cabbage with a tangy sour sauce (almost like vietnamese fish sauce but sweeter/tart). I could definitely eat more of this!

All in all, the restaurant is a good deal, you get a bunch of food for relatively cheap.. since you bus your own tables you also don't have to pay tip! I got out of there slighly under $8! What a deal huh? If you don't get the salad roll (which I won't again) You can leave with a full stomach and a full wallet!

So if you ever find yourself on India St and you smell the waffing deliciousness of grilled chicken be sure to stop by at

Saffron Grilled Chicken.
3731 India Street
San Diego, CA!


Anonymous said...

14 days since your last post? Clayfu come back! We miss you! :-(

Anonymous said...


I enjoyed the chicken but I wasn't so keen on the salad-- perhaps it is an acquired taste.

What a great deal!