Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A new spin on things.

While I'm waiting for pictures to be uploaded for vacation #1/pt. 2 I've decided to try something new.

Most of my friends know that I have a food blog so when we go out to eat they usually expect me to take pictures. Questions usually come up when I don't take pictures. I usually have two responses to this question
  1. Its nothing special (aka just eating a bowl of noodles that you could get anywhere, or some very simple chain store)
  2. Someone's done it already.
Being a relative newbie in the food blogging world there have been a large amount of bloggers that have come before me. Alot of the time the food I'm eating and the food i want to blog about have already been done. So I thought to myself.. how could I leave an impression on people about these restaurants.. yet not continuously post restaurants every other food blog in San Diego has talked about already?

LINKS. TONS AND TONS OF LINKS. Since everyone loves web traffic, I've decided to just link you to their webpage (in hopes to get some links back! 50 viewers is not enough for my delicate ego). With each set of links i'll give you a quick rundown of what I liked/didn't like + the address to the place. So if I eat somewhere worth mentioning and someone's talked about it.. the above process will occur!

How's that sound?

1st up! Today's Dinner.
Latin Chef

I've personally been meaning to come to this restaurant for awhile. Chowhound and many other San Diego food bloggers/Yelp are going absolutely nuts about this small hole in the wall Peruvian restaurant. I rarely venture down to Pacific Beach because its a parking nightmare at night but today I made an exception.

Overall? Food is tasty, I'd actually say very tasty but not the best Peruvian food I've had. I really like the oily/messy Peruvian style that I find in LA so this place is a notch below that. I also GREATLY dislike the small portions here. Matt and I finished our meals in no time flat, we even had an appetizer and I was still deathly hungry. If you're a growing boy like us, or you just have an above average appetite this definitely will not fill you up. The amount of rice they gave us was so minimal *sigh*. (Delicious rice though). I don't think I'd come back here for dinner based solely on the fact that I wouldn't be full, but I wouldn't mind coming back for lunch.

The owner/waiter is a nice guy, he gives great detailed descriptions of the food!

Anyways! on to the links!

The always fabulous KirkK's two part review of Latin Chef. Read on and be very satisfied with wordy pictures and pretty words. (=P)
Part 1
Part 2

Latin Chef
1142 Garnet Ave
San Diego, CA
(next door to some lady selling all kinds of new age trinkets


caroline said...

LOL! You're so funny. Great idea to link to other blogs (although it probably isn't necessary). It's fun to see your take on each of the places, even if it's been done many times before.

And hey. Everyone likes a bowl of noodles. You could post about the "simple" places, too. Really!

Thanks for blogging! I enjoy reading your thoughts on food!

Charlie Fu said...

caroline: Thanks =)

KirkK said...

LOL! Thanks for the links. The prices are the same for breakfast and lunch......

KirkK said...

sorry...meant lunch and dinner....

Charlie Fu said...

Kirk: i dont eat as much during lunch , so i have less to complain about =).

It gets expensive when you have to order an entree + a 2nd dish to be full.