Tuesday, July 10, 2007

$6.95 (OC/LA)

Oh how long has it been my dear blog. I've missed you you know that. All those nights we've spent together, just you and I reminiscing about the meals I've enjoined and the company i've entertained. I'm sorry i've neglected you, work has been so hectic! But don't you worry clayfood.blogspot.com, I may have neglected updating but i have not neglected eating.

So our entry for today is something i've never had the opportunity to partake in before. Something so uniquely Southern California that i would say even the most veteran of foodies have never come across.

Lunch special, $6.95 Mexican Buffet

In a little restaurant on the Corner of 4th and Main a small sign in Spanish displays a buffet table with the price $6.95. Thanks to my excellent spanish skills i was able to discern this was in FACT a 6.95 Mexican Buffet (and my Mexican coworker Erica).

When walking in the loud blare of Mexican game shows entertain you as waitresses wearing fishnet stockings and short skirts (some which should have not) serve you! They give us a menu which we take a look at. This is more or less a formality since I already know what i'm going for, can you guess it?

DING DING DING 6.95 Mexican Buffet, You ARE smarter than a 5th Grader!

First up in the buffet line is a small appetizer platter.
If you want to wet your appetite with a cold dish, Macaroni Salad, regular salad, Fruit Medley are all there for your perusal. But since... I don't remember the Mexican cuisine being focused into salad i skipped this area.

Ah meats. Oh delicious delicious meats. A large tray of sliced chunks of Carne Asada with giant roasted Peppers.

Surprisingly, it wasn't tough. They meat that is (as well as my stomach). Pretty lean pieces of meat, pretty average through and through. I mean you aren't paying your weight in gold for this stuff so its not expected to be Kobe Beef. The peppers on the other hand have been sitting in the vat for a lil too long. They were mushy to the point i made a visible "yuck" face.

Next is the Caldo De Res. (Aka beef soup)
As Kevin/Matt/Brent may know, i have a liking of Mexican soups. Its pretty much the first thing i sample at any new Mexican restaurant and this was by no means an exception. The soup was beefy, but a little bit watered down. The great thing about vats of soup laying out is that the vegetables have ample time to soak and really get nice and mushy. Which... this did.
The beef was also slighty mushy which is the way i like it in soups.

This is going to be an odd picture. On the top left is what i assume to be Chili Verde Chicken and the bottom left is a red sauce with pork, to our right of course is the cheese enchilada.
The chili verde is filled with chunks of chicken thigh meat. I'm always hesitant to get chicken at any buffet due to the fact that its
A) really dry
B) the crappiest piece of processed "chicken" meat in the world.
Luckily this buffet satisfied neither prongs of the test. THe sauce was decent, sadly forgettable since i ate it, but the chicken made me appreciate the great value of this buffet.

Sadly the pork fell into category A from the test. I think it was a pork mole, but the problem was the pork was so ridiculously dry that the big chunks were flaking off like string.. which is never a good thing.

But on the other side... the cheese enchiladas very much made up for it. Generously stuffed cheese enchiladas with a healthy healthy amount of melted cheese on top. I love it when there's so much cheese and its nice and melted and you pull at it and it just stretches forever and ever and ever and ever.
This was the case! I helped myself to at least 3 enchiladas as the day went by.

Rice and beans.. Woohoo. I know not very exciting. They look as exciting as they taste

(a quick picture of the food)

Missing from this picture is a scrambled egg dish that had green peppers tossed into it. This was interesting because i never knew you needed so much oil to cook a dish of scrambled eggs. I kid you not the thing was DRENCHED in sauce. Of course it didn't stop me from eating it but if you have heart problems and care for your health i'd probably avoid it. (it just taste okay, poorly scrambled eggs make cats want cheezeburgers instead).
There was also a tossed red/green/yellow peppers dish. Since i love all 3 of those peppers, i give this dish an A+. It was cooked in the same "sauce"/"spice" of the egg dish.

Overall i find this to be a great value! I was very full coming out of it and they also serve you corn and flour tortilla with it! (which weren't the best tortillas i've ever had, incredibly dry incredibly fast). I mean you really can't argue with a buffet for 6.95. If this was a chinese buffet for 6.95 i would bring pepto Bismol and watch for stray dog hairs (HEY I KID IM CHINESE I CAN SAY THAT- it tastes like chicken for the curious) (JUST KIDDING JUST KIDDING).

Anyways, when i get to work tomorrow i'll have an update on the name of the restaurant =)


KirkK said...

Hey you're alive!!! When you wrote "I was very full coming out of it"...you meant the food coma, right???

Charlie Fu said...

kirk: haha yeah, i don't get back from work (traffic + gym) until around 7 so i'm too lazy to start up my laptop to update. I'll try to do more, i have a nice backlog of OC/LA/SD food.

Lotus said...

omg, I'm afraid to even try a place like this. I'd eat WAAY too much, even if it wasn't great. I especially love cheese enchiladas and beans. Mmm, cheese...

Charlie Fu said...

melted cheese is the answer to everything. BUt i did have cold mozzarellas with tomatoes today was quite delicious.