Wednesday, June 27, 2007

wtf? (SD)

A couple of weeks ago a bunch of us went to Half Moon off Convoy. Half moon is your typical korean bar, Soju, Beer, hard liquor and a fully stocked kitchen ready to pump out whatever you want to eat at a moments notice.

For the graciousness of your patronage the bar serves you two things for free, popcorn (which apparently is like beer-nuts for them since they have a GIANT platter of it at the bar and which i stayed away from like the SDSU syphilis outbreak) and a baked cream corn dish (see above).

The dish is baked corn, with mayo and cheese mixed into it and then Suracha (spicy chili hot sauce) is poured over it. Yes it looks as odd and it sounds.
The question on your eager mind dear reader is.. does it taste as odd as it looks?

Your wise guru Charlie Fu shall answer your question.
I don't know...

I mean, it tastes like crispy baked corn which is always nice, very sweet tasty corn straight out of a can (i do have a bias for corn from a can, i could just take a spoon and gobble that stuff up) yet at the same time the creamy consistency threw me off. When you bite into it the mayo and the cheese are locked in an eternal battle for dominance of your taste buds. At one moment y ou feel the elasticity of the cheese and its pungent flavoring but suddenly you get slaughtered by the fatty buttery ammo of the mayo.

And when you finally decide on which side wins the battle, the A-bomb of Suracha drops and just changes the landscape. The dish went from sweet and savory to sweet and savory and sour and spicy and weird.

Your initial bites are thoughts of "man this is weird, why am i eating this" , but as you eat more you can't help yourself, that sour spicy taste seems to enhance the flavor. You think.. why isn't anyone else eating this? why am i the only one!?

Luckily my common sense came back and I realized i was eating a disgusting mishmash that was sure to find itself exiting me sooner rather than later. This caused me to abruptly stop as i finish about 1/3rd of the dish.

The funny part is.. out of the 12-13 people there.. only i ate it.

I AM SO COURAGEOUS I DESERVE A MEDAL, A CRAZY CORN DISH MEDAL! i withstand the onslaught upon my stomach to bring you all new and exciting things you would never eat.

Btw, another thing to avoid there.. Ginseng Soju.. Imagine ginseng tea? now imagine soju? now imagine it together.
Yeah? sucky? that is.. unless you like ginseng and its overpowering flavor... in your alcohol... then maybe this is your cup of.. soju.

Half Moon
(i wish i knew the number and the address, but go down convoy and take a right if you're going north and a left if you're going south at the Wenersnitzsal (wow i butchered that one) and its to your left).


Cathy said...

I'd eat it; sounds good. Then, you know, I'd have to blog it. :)

The Office Goat said...

I had a WTF (why am I the only one in the place eating this?) moment like that at a tapas bar in Spain once: To this day I don't know what I ate. From the shape, I think it was something's balls, but whether that something was fish, fowl, cow, sheep or the chef's cheating wife's lover, I'll never know...

Charlie Fu said...

mystery meat makes everyone happy

Eager Beaver said...

I eagerly wait for the next post...

charsiubao said...

... i once made a "casserole" with canned green beans that was a bit like that. it was so bad i tried to top it with hot sauce, but somehow that didn't make it any more edible. you must have an iron stomach to eat that corn thing.

*presents mr. fu with a CRAZY CORN DISH MEDAL*