Tuesday, June 5, 2007

First Pictures with the new camera! Peruvian! (LA)

Like i stated previously, I will be working in the LA/OC area for the summer! And do you know what that means?

a whole lot of food in LA! weee *cue the clapping*.
AND also! you'll be seeing the first pictures i take with my brand spanking new Canon Sd1000 with pictures presented in a crisp 7.2megapixel quality. (I've sold out, i'm advertising for Canon to my 5 readers).

First up is Intiraymi Restaurants Peruvian Food which is located on near the Federal Courthouse in downtown L.A.

After a tiresome day of work the girlfriend and I decided to get dinner around the area so i wouldn't have to brave the disasters of LA traffic at 6pm. While previously looping around the area trying to find a cheap parking lot, Kathy saw a little Peruvian restaurant on Spring street. Coincidentally everytime I pass this place with my mom she always raves about how its the best Peruvian restaurant in Los Angeles (according to her and her Peruvian friends). So since i haven't had Peruvian food since getting a 1st place Trophy for my violin mastery as an 8 year old in Torrance, CA i decided to give it a shot.

We quite possibly were the only non - spanish speaking clientale eating there which was fine by me, Peruvian food isn't exactly Mexican food but still, its better than a room full of Chinese eating there eh? Next to the main door is a huge fridge of Inca Kola and all kinds of bread!

Since i love Inca Kola, before i even decided what i wanted to eat i decided i want some Inca Kola!
Its a Peruvian soda that almost tastes like a bubble gum soda, its interesting. Or.. it kind of tastes like red bull! One family next to us ordered a 2 liter bottle, i was rather jealous =P A little background on the soda itself. Its actually the most popular soda in Peru! even more so than Coke!

After settling down and looking through the menu, there is a wide assortment of beef/chicken/pork stews and pastas! (i know pastas!) As well as the ever popular Peruvian treat, the spit fire chicken.

Kathy ordered the 1/2 Spit Fire chicken with rice and beans and i ordered the (dont remember the name) beef strips (steak) with tomatoes, onions, and fries all mixed together with also a side of rice and beans.

The first thing that's of rather great interest is the large bowl of beans they give to each person.
It tastes like a soupier, less mushy refried bean. It almost tastes like it has some sort of meat dripping in the soupy mixture but i couldn't really put my finger on it. I personally don't like beans, but i found myself pouring the whole bowl over my rice and devouring it. Kathy on the other hand loves beans and says they were quite amazing!

The first dish to come up was my steak blend ($9).
A mixture of steak, onions, cilantro, fries, and tomatoes pan fried together served with a side of very short grain rice. As you can see, the drippings from the stir fry go all over the plate.

The dish itself is slightly salty which works very well with the large amount of rice they gave as well as the french fries. The fries were slightly mushy but they soaked in the flavor of the dish really well. Every bite was a nice fragrant cilantro smell and the sliced red onions were nice and spicy. The steak itself was cooked well and not overly chewy to the point you chew more than you have digits on your body. But the best part of it all were the tomatoes.
Tomatoes are just an amazing fruit, they do a great job of influencing the dish as well as work well in catching hints of everything else around it. I really couldn't live if i didn't have tomatoes, i throw them into everything i stir fry. These tomatoes soaked in the juices and you get a sweet yet salty flavoring with every bite. DELICIOUS!

Next up is the world famous roasted chicken. (6.95) (half chicken)
I know, it looks really minimal. I was actually kind of scared when i saw it, i didn't think it'd turn out so well, and Kathy had threatened me previously that this place had better be good. The skin looked charred and the chicken looked as though it'd be dried.

Luckily my mother's favorite Peruvian restaurant did not disappoint! Kathy tore me a piece of the thigh and omgggg it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo good. Very moist, very tender meat with a nicely flavored skin, which oddly enough wasn't all that crisp from the charred look of the skin. Kathy basked in the joy of the chicken and stated her dish vastly destroyed mine in its glory, which is rather bold since she kept picking at my dish and eating my fries =P.

Delicious! a grand and wonderful find! I highly HIGHLY suggest this to anyone around the area. The food is so good, and the portions are HUGE, i seriously could not finish my plate.. which is extremely rare since i was starving from my not so delicious lunch.

So if you're ever around the area!
Intiraymi Restaurant
633 N. Spring Street #2-3
Los Angeles, CA 90012
On the corner of Cesar Chavez and Spring street.
When you get to the street crossing its immediately to your right so watch out!

Happy eating! Next posting i'll bring it back to San Diego for a quick meal celebrating my brother's 21st Birthday!


KirkK said...

And here you had the nerve to make fun of the Papas Fritas I had in my Lomo Saltado.....

Charlie Fu said...

kirk: haha =P, i got rushed i wasn't sure what i wanted to order and i saw the picture so i ordered it!

Zhi said...

Just like my recommendation for The House, I decided to go here based on your recommendation on this blog. Dry beef and french fries...not worth my time. Boo..

Charlie Fu said...

except this meal cost you $10 opposed to the $30 I wasted at the House.