Monday, May 14, 2007

Ole Ole Ole Ole (SD)

Spain, the land of Rioja with its Tempranillo wineries, sloping green hills and massive gothic structures.

Yet in America what are the two things Spain is best known for? Bull fighting.
and Tapas. Not that I have anything against bullfighting or Tapas, in fact I love Tapas. I love variety in my life and if anything tapas is variety. Of all the places I've been to in San Diego for Tapas I seem to always find myself back at Cafe Seville in the gaslamp district.

Located off of 5th avenue, its styled after a hotel and it has Salsa dancing on certain nights! But they do suffer for a severe case of "I dont want my restaurant to have lights in it so everyone has to eat in darkness" syndrome.

I know I know, before you start railing on me that its not really authentic and there are better places in PB blahblhalbhab ....I've been there and I still come back here cause I still like it more =P

Really the main thing that keeps making me come back here is the bread they serve in the very beginning.
Ciabatta bread (?) plain and with olives, and a side of garlic mayo and tomato sauce. The sad part of this is every time I come here I consume about two baskets of bread to go along with the garlic mayo. Its rather disturbing, but it does save me money cause I order less! But seriously, the sauces? PRIMO. MUCHO PRIMO (sorry my Spanish sucks)

The first dish we ordered was the newest thing on their menu Bocadillos Sampler.
Its lightly seasoned toast topped with a variety of meat and cheeses. Cinto de limo, Chorizo, jamon Serrano, machenga cheese, and smoke salmon (14.95). The cheese and the salmon were pretty average but the sausages and ham? absolutely amazing. The serrano is just like what i had at a truck stop in spain (yeah quality i know). I highly suggest getting this, the toast is just right, it has a nice crisp to it and the meats are absolutely stunning.

The next dish is my girlfriends favorite, the Tortilla. (3.95)
You can get this either heated or eaten cold. They cut it out of a big pizza shaped egg tart. If you don't know what Tortilla is, its a combination of eggs, onions, potatoes in a tart. Supposedly in Spain you put it between two slices of bread and you have yourself a meal!

This version is one of the bests i've had so far in America, my girlfriend a lover of Spain as well as a former resident for half a year says it actually may rival that of Spain itself. Bold claims i say, bold claims indeed little lady.

The final dish was the Brochetas. Grilled meat hanging on a skewer over a bed of Spanish rice. (15.95)

We ordered the chicken Brocheta with fresh lemon and "chef's marinade". Between each piece of chicken is actually a fig which results in a bit of sweetness with each bite of chicken. The fig juice saterates the meat to the point where its a little bit pink.

Sadly we aren't so easily confused in which the pink from the fig would mask the fact the chicken wasn't finished grilling/cooking. Probably the one downer of the evening.
Afterwards the chicken came back slightly more cooked but slightly more dry =( You win some you lose some. I've never been afraid of a little salmonella with my meal, that's what makes me daring.. like a bullfighter!

Anyways! if you're looking for a fun option for the night Cafe Sevilla is a great selection, the environment is nice, its a little romantic like the spanish themselves, the portions are generous, and its in the middle of downtown so you can go out and parttieeeeee.

Cafe Sevilla
555 4th Ave, San Diego CA 92101
(619) 233-5979


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