Friday, May 18, 2007

No pork allowed (SD)

When i was growing up in Diamond Bar my family would love going to this Islamic Chinese restaurant. Most chinese restaurants concentrate on mostly chicken, beef, and pork but due to the Islamic beliefs they don't serve pork... but what they do serve is a large variety of lamb dishes.

Fastforward 6-8 years and i'm in San Diego for undergrad. One of my roommate's parents always take us out to eat and one of their favorite restaurants at the time is Jamillah Garden (located on convoy). Like any good Islamic chinese restaurant they dont serve pork. Most of the dishes are centralized around lamb, lamb stews, lamb stir fry and the such. They also specialize in these really big pieces of "bread".

So a few weeks ago after studying for finals my friends and i decided to go get some Chinese food family style and i suggested this place. When we walked in, we were the only people in the restaurant, which was kind of weird since it was 6:30pm. There's that odd odd silence... that makes you just want to whisper.

Anyways, the first thing they served us was wonton strips! i love wonton strips! but wait.... i thought wonton strips were only served in those beef&broccoli chinese restaurants! Luckily , this wasn't so bastardly americanized.
The first dish we ordered was lamb with shredded green onions.
The waitress warned us that it might be too um.. Lambie? i dont know the term, i don't believe gamey applies to lamb but just think of it that way. Lucky for us, it wasn't. It had a light smokey lamb flavor with tons of green onions mixed in.
You know how some dishes are just meant to be eaten with rice? This is one of them. The mix with rice dulls the smokey flavor just a bit, enough for a tasty mix.

We also got an order of the green onion pancake to wrap the lamb in but i forgot to take a picture =P Its not like your normal green onion pancake where its nice and crispy, this one is very thin and doughy (not crispy) and has to be eaten with the lamb otherwise its just really dry. But its a nice compliment to the land.

We figured we needed a vegetable so we ordered Bok Choy with mushrooms
Typical good chinese vegetable stir fry. Nice big chunks of mushrooms and some bamboo shoots, just a little bit oily. If you look at the picture closely you can actually see my reflection come off of the veggies!

The final dish is one of my favorite things here, Knife cut stir fry noodle with chicken.

What they do (at least normally they would) is get a large block of noodle dough and they knife it off into a boiling pot of water, so every piece of noodle you get is slightly different, but its always fresh noodles not the dry kind.

Mixed with some eggs, veggies, and chicken it was a scrumptious treat. I really like noodles, i mean all kinds of noodles but this is definitely up there on the type of noodles i like and the restaurant itself does not disappoint in its preparations.

Something i do suggest that we didn't order is the lamb with sour vegetables hot pot, that stuff is A+. Its a stew with pickled Napa cabbage, slices of lamb, glass noodle all tossed together in a soup, delicious!

So if you ever want to try some chinese food that's a lil bit different, you should definitely check it out.

Jamillah Garden
4681 Convoy St., #C
San Diego CA 92111

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