Thursday, May 10, 2007

The House that Curry built.

I love curry, especially Thai and Malaysian curry, that dash of hot spiciness with coconut milk really gets me going. But the one curry I've never found myself fond of having is Japanese curry. I think the problem is that whenever i have curry its always the curry you buy in the little cubes, it always tastes really mushy ,dry, and thick. I like to have curry that i can pour over the rice and really give it a kick, which... Japanese curry usually doesn't do.

So i was slightly skeptical when Matt and i decided to go to Curry house. How good could restaurant Japanese curry could be? i couldn't imagine how much more of a variation was even possible.

But wow is there a difference between market bought curry and a restaurant that specializes in curry.

This place had pages of curry, katsu curry, steak curry, seafood curry, curry with pasta, and what looked the best stone pot curry! You have a selection of over 7 different types of meat to put into your stone pot. I chose the katsu like hamburger which is basically ground beef fried in the katsu batter.
The pot comes out sizzling hot, with the very large piece of beef they top the rice off with some vegetables and my favorite! a raw egg yolk! Nothing tastes better than slightly cooked egg yolk on rice. You just toss all that stuff together and let the egg seep through the rest of your food.
The owner was actually generous enough to mix Matt's curry for him (chicken katsu), they pour over about half the curry and just go to town with it.

The chicken and the beef were fried perfectly, just the right amount of batter to the meat, full equality! no violation of the 14th amendment here! (sigh).

But the curry! or gravy as matt titled it to be was great. It was the middle ground before the soupy thai curry and thick japanese curry. It pours very easily and mixes well into the rice without clumping the rice too much. It tasted like a beef based curry, but i wasn't too sure. I downed the whole container they served it to us in.

My only problem with this stone pot was the rice was so so hot. Since... the pot is hot.. the rice never had a chance to cool down, you get full on gulping air alone from trying to control the heat!

Anyways, i highly suggest this place, the stone pot was 15$ but a normal curry bowl i believe is 9$ for dinner portions, but at lunch time all the prices drop a couple of bucks.

Curry house
3860 Convoy St
San Diego, CA 92111


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