Friday, April 20, 2007

One for lunch? HI!

Sigh. After my second trip to the Acura dealership they finally fixed my car. I was rather saddened that my poor baby Celeste's power seating wouldn't work.

But on the bright side, i picked the car up right during lunch time and the car dealership was on Kearney Mesa!! So i drove down Kearney Mesa trying to figure out what i wanted to eat. I figured i'd just go down the safe route and go grab a bite to eat at Sakura cause i was craving japanese and the Chirashi is absolutely unbelievable there.
(sorry had to do a little plug in picture of it, i dont really want to devote ANOTHER post to Sakura... you should know by now its good , you don't need me talking about it!)

As i was driving down the road i spotted the new Tajima on my left. I saw a big sign "NOW SERVING LUNCH SPECIAL", not one to avoid a good deal or new things i flipped a U and parked myself into their lot. Its located right across from the Japanese Market on Mercury.

This Tajima is different from what I normally expect from Tajima, when i think Tajima i think 2 pages of Ramen of all different sorts (only cause i always go for Ramen Nights) . Yet when i open the menu here... its actually an Izakaya. Lots of traditional japanese appetizers (think Tapas), a nice sake selection, and even beer on tap!

On top of the appetizers they have a lunch special. You can either pick 2-3 dishes from a list of typical japanese fare (teriyaki, tempura and the like) or what i ordered. Udon and Sushi (8.95).

The first thing that arrived was a simple salad.
I give them high marks for using baby greens which i love in a salad. The sauce was very "eh~~", not much flavor and sometimes a lil too tangy.

The next to come up was the Sushi. Now this was a surprise. When they said sushi i expected 3-4 small pieces of Tuna, Salmon, Tamago, and imitation crab. BUT i was pleasantly surprised.
I received decent sized tuna, yellow tail, giant shrimp (dont want to say prawns, not sure), salmon, albacore, and a couple of pieces of california rolls.

This made me rather excited, a pretty good deal at 8 dollars and i still had udon to go! The fish was good, not great, but it was definitely more than 8 dollars worth. For a place without a sushi bar it was much more than i expected.

After i finished my sushi, the waitress came out with the udon. I was hoping for a treat since Tajima is known for their noodle soups!

And here we have it, in all its glory a pretty small bowl of udon. Sadly the udon tastes as pathetic as it looks. The noodles tasted worse than the ones i buy myself at the market, they were overcooked and extremely short. The soup had a very very strong seaweed taste to it and was overly salty. I tried to drink the soup but it made me so thirsty, i think i went through 2 and a half glasses of water, got in my car and drank another bottle of water cause i was so parched. The udon was definitely nothing to write home about.

Overall, i have rather mixed reviews about my lunch here. I felt the udon was so inadequate that it made my happiness at the sushi "deal" i was getting dim away. I consider this more as a 8 piece sushi meal with a side of udon. Now for $8.95 i can't really say its an amazing deal.

If i go back again, i'd have to be for the appetizers, or maybe the $6.95 lunch special with the cooked dishes, but it definitely won't be for the udon!

4411 Mercury, San Diego, 92111


Nicholas said...

we are NOT going there

Charlie Fu said...

nick: since you never come to SD i dont think its a problem