Friday, April 13, 2007

the little taco cart that could.

I love street food vendors. This could be attributed to my love for food in Taiwanese Market places but i always had the belief, the crappier the place looks, the tastier/authentic it gets.

This belief applies completely to a roving taco cart. What could possibly be more sketchy looking than a taco cart? (maybe a push cart selling fishballs in vats of soup which i also adore)

So when i first started going to USD for school i never knew what to eat. I kept finding myself eating pho/fast food/ or driving to convoy. One night while driving i see a truck with bright shiny lights in the parking lot of Joe's 99 cent store and i'm instantly intrigued. Grabbing my friend Matt we decided to venture over to quite possibly one of the best taco's i've ever had in my life, and the rest is pretty much history.

Most recently they've changed the cart to a little bit more of a refined truck (little bit) so i dragged Kathy along with me. Going away from bringing a lil grill into the cart and grilling meat to having a pretty big flat grill at the window.
Now you can watch the guy cook your meat (which ranges from Carne Asada, Pollo Asado, Cabeza, Lengua (ox tongue), and Pork) and make your taco ($1.50)!
The newest thing they have now are burritos. They used to only make tacos but i guess they ventured into the burrito business the last time i went.. and that was enough to persuade me to take pictures and make a post about it =P

They have a pretty generous Salsa bar for you to use when you get your meal.
A Salsa Verde which is midly spicy, a spicy red sauce, a fresh avocado Salsa which they make on the spot, cilantro/onions, and radishes. BEFORE they changed carts they used to have grilled onions too which oddly enough made the tacos even more amazing.

I usually put a combination of the Avocado Salsa and the Spicy Red Sauce. The Avocado Salsa isn't spicy at all, just a little bit of flavor.

I ordered on this trip a Pollo Asado Taco and what i thought was a Pollo Asado burrito.
As you can see the taco is just bombarded with chicken. I'm talking this thing is filled to the brim with fresh grilled chicken. This is easily THE BEST pollo Asado i've ever had. Alot of places add marinades and flavorings to their Asado but this place is just some seasoning and some grilling.. just amazing.

But i will warn you, this place is oily. Their tortilla for the tacos is dipped in either butter or some other wet substance that makes it extremely oily. If you are easily disgusted by large quantity of fat and oil this may not be the place for you... but uh.. what were you expecting anyways? heh.

To my surprise when i opened up my burrito to add sauce to it..... it wasn't Asado! It was Carne Asada.
I sadly bite into it but then my face lights up.
"Wow the Carne Asada is good!"
I will warn you straight off the bat, i like meat with fat, i will not lie. It gives it a slightly chewy texture and its not as dry. Here they have thin slices of Carne Asada just pilled into the burrito. This is opposed to the small "chunks" that most mexican places give that tend to be a little bit dry, hence why i never order Carne Asada.

Inside the burrito is just Meat and Mexican Salsa (apparently there is a difference between "american" and "mexican" salsa). Just delicious. From here on out no more tacos, for $3.50 the burrito is definitely the best bang for your buck. They also don't dip the tortilla in that oily/lard substance so its a lil bit healthier.

You can eat next to the cart, one of the customers bought them two square tables and a couple of chairs for people to sit on cause he loved the place so much.

You can find it at
6882 Linda Vista Rd San Diego, CA 92111.
Its located in the Joe's 99 cent store parking lot from 6pm-11pm every night.


Anonymous said...


Boy oh boy, those tacos should look good....I've seen another taco cart on that street, have you had the occasion to try it?!

Charlie Fu said...


i've seen it, the one in the jack in the box parking lot. I haven't had the chance to try it but i do know they serve much more than just tacos, their menu is rather vast. I think its like a short order cook.

KirkK said...

Dude - I was wondering when you were going to post about this. I took some photos the last time there, but wanted to wait until you posted first....after all, to this day I still call it clayfu's taco truck!
The one in the JIB parking lot has a bunch of various specials on the greaseboard, everytime I've stopped by there's a line....

Charlie Fu said...

kirk: haha thanks kirk. i dind't think about posting it (hugeeeee back log of photots) till someone asked me about it the other day. Luckily when i went my gf had her camera so i didn't take crappy pictures with my phone

Anonymous said...

I've read through most of your entries. If you want good carne asada I would recommend King Taco In L.A. Go on a Saturday during their peak hour which is around midnight.

HappiDad said...

I recently read your blog and realized it is just around the corner from the boy & girls club that my son volunteers at. Yesterday we stopped at the cart before his volunteering session. Unfortunately they did not have burritos, but we were quite happy settling for the tacos. The meat was very moist and tasty and there was a lot of it per taco. We may make this a weekly ritual. Thanks!

Charlie Fu said...

Anonymous: Sorry for the late reply, where in LA is it located?

Happidad: glad you enjoyed it!