Monday, April 23, 2007

a little bit different

I'm going to go away from my normal posting and talk a little bit about a great dinner that my uncle made for us one night!
My Aunt (his sister in law) would always talks so much about how great my Uncle Jeff's enchiladas so he invited the family to his place to have a little mexican food party!

On the menu?
Chicken tortilla soup
Mexican rice.
guacamole/sour cream/chips
Roasted Veggies!

First my uncle chopped up a large plate of squash, red peppers, and zuchinni, sprinkled some salt and pepper on it and set it to a slow bake in the oven.

He sets it on just about 325 to let the vegetables slowly break down. I believe he ended up cooking it for just about 30 minutes. The veggies came out delicious, there' s just a little bit of resistance when you bite in and then it just melts in your mouth, ah wonderful. I love roasted vegetables, i just .. i could eat a whole bowl full... which sadly i almost did.

Next they made a green chicken enchilada.
It was more of a casserole then individual enchiladas, significantly easier to serve 10 like this than with individually wrapped portions. Inside a generous amount of shredded chicken, cheese, and green chiles. On the very top a large amount of cheese that was put over with 10 minutes left to cooking.
On my plate here i have the enchiladas on the left, some veggies in the middle, and some mexican rice on the right.
(mexican rice consisted of some green peppers, corn, rice and who knows what else)

Everyone in my family loved the enchiladas and rice. I personally only ate a little (hence the small amount on my place). Not because i didn't like it, i was just absolutely stuffed on chips, fresh guac, veggies, and my very very favorite chicken tortilla soup.

A giant pot of chicken tortilla soup to be exact. I think i may account for at least half the pot.
Tons of shredded chicken, just a kick of spice and a good strong chicken broth, apparently the recipe is from Paula Dean on food network haha

Filled with chiles, tomatoes, and onions they had a lil place on the counter where you could add extra cheese and shredded tortilla chips.

Look at that soup! a huge bite of chicken and veggies in every bite.
Since i'm so ingenious i actually then added some of the roasted veggies into the soup and made it even heartier!

Souplantation eat your heart out!

My uncle's house
Irvine, CA.

p.s. i'll be back with another restaurant in a few days with a whole different style


Tortilla soup fiend said...

This tortilla chicken soup.. is it anything like the one at Islands?

Charlie Fu said...

it is MUCH better than islands! much much better!! home cooking always AOKAY