Sunday, April 15, 2007

Chinese food in Norcal! (Pt 2 of Road Trip in Cow Country)

While hanging out with my girlfriend i had a huge hankering for noodles, especially since we just came back from Napa. I always say the best way to cure the grogginess of alcohol is a nice big bowl of soup and noodles! So we journeyed (i'm so lost in love, i'm so lost without youuu) over to Davis Noodle City.

I figure... its called noodle city.. so it probably has pretty decent noodles. We walk in and are quickly seated in a rather oddly shaped booth. The waiter brings us a bowl of extremely dried out chinese preserved cabbages that LOOKED like kimchi (every chinese knows that kimchi was stolen from our preserved cabbage pao chia.) , but they were so dry and lacking in flavor that i ate one piece and ignored it for the night.

The dishes they have on the menu is a pretty simple list of noodles you'd find at a typical chinese noodle restaurant. You have beef noodle, Chinese style Za Jian Mein, preserved veggies with pork, wonton noodle soup, and the like.
Apparently the place has "fresh" home made noodles for 75 cents extra, but i didn't see it on the menu, so like the shy submissive asian i am (not) i just didn't bother asking.

We ordered 3 dishes, "5" "spices" beef noodle soup, Mustard green with pork, and hot oil wontons.

First up we have the 5 spices beef noodle (7.50)

You can taste as each of the 5 spices magically bounce within your mouth and the tastebuds in your tongue relay back to your brain the joy they are experiencing with each special ingredient. It was magical, like finding a unicorn being ridden by a phoenix.

Just kidding. Like you all probably know i couldn't tell the difference between the 5 spices if they laid it out to me. I will tell you that the soup was just a LITTLE bit spicy which is perfect for an enjoyable bowl of noodles. As a kid i used to have a death wish so i got the seafood spicy noodles whenever i went out. Let me tell you, i was lucky we had a gameboy in the restroom or i would have been boooooooooreeeeedd.

Anyways. The beef was extremely soft, barely any resistance when you bite into it. It shows the meat has really been marinating for awhile , they devoted a nice big pot of soup with that meat just simmering. Almost as good as my grandpop's .

They tossed in the obligatory pieces of bokchoy and some noodles and we were golden. I actually like the noodles. They are a pretty good length, not so long that when i slurp i get soup all over my girlfriend. not to Q, pretty good. Just a good set of noodles nothing really to complain about. But check out how pipping hot the soup comes! you can see the steam rising out of the bowl. (this was all my girlfriend's taking,probably the one good picture in this batch since i took the rest. I said "Dear i don't want known of that artsy stuff, let's show them the picture and get done with it" but it was so good it deserved some comments for itself. )

Next was the mustard green and pork strips (6.99). I honestly get this dish at every single chinese noodle place i go to, so i think i know a good bowl when i eat one. And when i say i get this dish at every chinese noodle place, i seriously do , i'd give you my mom's email to ask her if she appreciated being bombarded by random strangers about my eating habits (which in her opinion really need to calm down... as she constantly feeds me *shrug*).
This dish was seriously ENGULFED in mustard greens. I was having a field day! every bite i was able to get a bunch of nice freshly chopped greens. *DROOOLLL* . Pork was nice, nice and thinly chopped, didn't distract from the flavor of the greens.

The soup was very tasty, classic broth. They give this GIANT spoons with each bowl, man i wish i had one of those spoons, i would take such massive bites with every meal.

Finally the hot oil wontons. ($6)

I liked the dish alot (kathy didn't) but i dont know where the name hot oil came from. These are just PACKED shrimp/pork wonton's with sweet soysauce and PEANUT sauce on the bottom. I didn't see any hot oil anywhere, but.... since i love peanut sauce cause i'm taiwanese...... i wasn't one to argue.

These things were honestly bursting with meat it was delicious. It would have been nicer if they used a little less peanut sauce for all their other customers cause i could understand how it'd be too much. If you ever go here my San Diego/LA readers and (4 davis readers) just tell them be gentle with the peanut sauce, you aren't George Washington Carver.

Anyways, i liked the place. I was craving noodles hardcore and it totally filled that void. They also have an interesting buy 10 get 1 free coupon like you're getting boba! you can tack it on the wall and leave it there.
129 E St. #D1 (Behind Sophia's Thai Kitchen)

Charlie out!


Anonymous said...

I kind of stumbled upon this and I had to comment because.. I'm at Davis (and have been for 5 years). There are few restaurants that I have not been to yet and this is one of them because of the negative reviews told by so many people. You are the FIRST person to rave about it. I'm thoroughly surprised. I guess I should have to go check it out myself now.

-Jessica (from DBHS and VOH way back when.. you probably don't remember me)

Charlie Fu said...

jessica: i kid you not, i was taking the shuttle back to my girlfriend's apartment and i was looking out the window.

i said to her "dude, i just saw a girl that i went to my church back in HS." Then i thought to myself hum... can't be what an odd coincidence. GUess my mind wasn't playing tricks!

on another note.
the very first time i went to Davis noodle city i wasn't too partial to it. I felt the soup tasted too simple almost like instant noodle almost. But this time i went it tasted significantly better. But i really do like mustard greens, so maybe tha'ts why i liked my dish so much more. But in comparison to the stuff Davis normally has i feel like its got significantly more to offer.

I think you should give it a shot. I personally don't go off of what my friends tell me about food, since i think i'm a pretty "Odd" eater, but i think its definitely worth a shot. (Also alot of people on daviswiki <3 it).