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April fools! =P (for all 43 people that read my blog on the 1st of april)

now back to our regularly scheduled blogging!

Sushi. Wonderful wonderful sushi. I will travel far and wide to eat "good" sushi. My current adventure has brought me to the city of Costa Mesa in Orange County with my OC/LA eating buddy Nick (when my gf isn't around)

A little family run restaurant by the name of Shibucho Sushi. When we arrived we were greeted by two tables and a sushi bar, with the owner (which i will call dad cause i dont remember his name) and his son (son) were making Tamago. Luckily we made a reservation because everyone else who came in was basically rejected with "there is no more room tonight" even tho at 8pm the place had pretty much emptied (we arrived at 6).

Pops here is cutting a giant giant mackerel while son is making the Tamago on a little grill. There is a giant pot on the stove with bamboo shoots (you can see if at the far left of the picture) which they were constantly checking. Every time they opened the pot a large pillar of steam would loft out, for what they were cooking in there you'll have to wait for later!

The first things we were served (other than beer) was a little appetizer of Fish heads and Daikon stewed together. Very light, just to settle our stomachs for the barrage of fish that is yet to come.
The next thing was just magical. The son was making Tamago that was probably the size of a large piece of paper and thick like a cake.
Just delicious. Came out steaming! with a little side of grated daikon i was in heaven. This was the best tamago i've ever had. Of course all the tamago i've had in my life have always been of the frozen variety. Sooooooooooo yeah. But it was still good =)

We then had a few pieces of fish (i won't detail the fish, all in all it was very good quality fish, i dont remember exactly how they tasted other than they tasted good).

Red Snapper

After a few courses of fish we had Squid Gizzards!
Now this was something i never had. It had almost a muddy consistency and since its the gizzards of squid it also had an ink flavor. It was salty and it came in a perfect quantity. I believe if i had anymore i really would have probably just left it there, but it was good as a small amount.

Then more fish!


We were then presented with a grilled piece of fish. My assumption is that this was part of the mackerel that dad was cutting at the beginning of the day.
It was little broiled with miso flavoring. It just fell apart while i was picking at it with my chopsticks. Very good! i could have easily had more of it! Dad also prepared mackerel bones for the most "frequent" customers. The thing was gigantic. The people sitting next to us were just going at it like beasts! Beasts that were generous enough to offer us some of their food that dad would not offer us. haha.

next was not your typical shrimp. It was a fresh water prawn! you typically find this at Chinese seafood restaurants by the pound! Which by the way i can't help but eat 8-9 of them by myself =(.
I'm not so sure if i liked this as a sushi dish. The meat is very thick and very meaty. It doesn't really blend with the sushi rice. The taste was fine, it just wasn't my cup of tea.

We then went back to some more standard sushi fair
Albalone (Nick kept the shell)
Toro and normal tuna.

Then we had a dish that i have not had in years. I'm talking decade + probably. Fish eggs laid on kelp!
This was so good! its very crispy and the eggs are not salty and overpowering (which is the case normally for me when i have the orange larger eggs). I felt like i was eating a chip! The son was telling me that fishermen would lay the kelp on the spawning floor and after one set is laid they'd flip it and more eggs would be laid on the other side! Very tasty! i really liked this dish.

We then had the item they were hiding in the bamboo steamer all night. Dad took out from the steamer a long piece of sea water eel and proceeded to cut it up.
I've never had sea water eel before. They gave us two pieces, one without sauce and one with the customary eel sauce!. Very meaty, very tasty! it doesn't have the bone aspect that Unagi usually has.

Also had a roll with sprouts, carrots, and mushrooms.
Eh~. Nothing special.
Also a Kanpyo Roll
Its like a gourd shaving. It is sweet and just a LITTLE bit crunchy. ANother thing i dont really care for, but i've never had it before and i found it very interesting!.

Also missing from these pictures are Aji, Penshell clam, and one other dish i cannot remember. The total damage after tax/tip/ and beers was roughly 80$ a person. DEFINITELY not expecting the price. When we were driving back i was calculating what we had ordered and i could not get it to that total. No matter what i did it kept ending up around 60$ a person. (i'm going off the sushi list they checked off). Shrug.

I was told that most of the time the omakase costs about 60$ which is what i was expecting. BUT i do have a picture of what the 60$ TOGO omakase looks like. Yes! To go!

Tons and Tons of fish. I should have just got this haha. There was a Futomaki roll, Uni (the paper wrapped things) , and 4 pieces of Sea eel and a large "specialty" roll (not pictured here). Now that, is a deal!

Anyways, i doubt they cheated us since... that'd be a horrible thing for such a small restaurant, so i'll give it a thumbs up! i was definitely stuffed after eating all the fish, very very tasty!.

Sushi Shibucho
(949) 642-2677
590 W 19th St
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

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