Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Its a bird , Its a superhero, its the 94th aero squadron!

I occasionally browse Jim's Sunday Brunch Website which is truly an amazing repository of pictures and reviews of nearly every brunch in San Diego. They range from buffets to menu brunches that all come with wonderful all you can drink champagne.

So last weekend i decided i wanted some brunch and dragging my girlfriend out of the room we left for the 94th Aero Squadron.

The restaurant itself is located just along the street of Balboa Ave, and it is surrounded by a bunch of small business buildings. But you can't really miss the restaurant cause it'll be the only parking lot PACKED with cars on a Sunday morning. Before you walk in you can smell the meat inside the place, i got was more excited than a kid before Christmas.

But the excitement quickly went away when i was told (at 10:45) that i have to wait 30-45 minutes for a table. =(
BUT my excitement quickly came back when it only took us a 10-15 minute wait before they seated us!

We hurried over to the food area and was greeted with Egg Benedicts, huge sausage and bacon pieces, Roasted Chicken, Home Fried Potatoes, Fish, Scrambled Eggs and many more.Delicious! everything was great! bacon was fatty, eggs were scrambly (haha) , and the chicken was extremely moist.
at the end of this heating tray line was a carving station!
There was Roast Beef, Roast Turkey, and Lamb.
I didn't try the beef/turkey since i rarely have good experiences with them at any carving station so i just got the lamb. Bad Choice!
Luckily they have a great omelet/fajita bar

(far left they have waffles, tasty little morsels they are). They give you a bunch of different choices for the omelette's and fajitas (same choices). I usually get my omelet a little bit on the undercooked side and this thing came STUFFED. Most omelet bars are very very stingy with the ingredients but they stuff this puppy up fatter than uh.. me at an all you can eat buffet *sheepish*
Oddly enough one of my favorite things there was the Bread Table. When i say bread table i mean a table LITTERED with bread.
They have muffins, bagels, white bread, sourdough bread, and my favoriteeeeeeeeee buttery croissant. The croissants were SO good. Moist and flaky all in the same bite. I had to avoid stuffing myself with bread because of the main attraction!
Crab legs. Tons and TONS of crab legs. The best part? TONS OF CRAB CLAWS!!! Yes i love crab claws. They tasted pretty fresh not like the crappy crab legs you get at chinese buffets where they taste so salty and old *yuck*.

my only problem with these legs was that they didn't pre-slice them! These things were not that easy to open.

Finally we get to the dessert! This was probably one of the larger dessert spreads i've seen at a buffet, especially a buffett as inexpensive as this one.
The cheesecakes you see here are actually multiplied on the other side of the table with other assorted flavors. I felt like i was at the Cheesecake factory! I had the oreo cheesecake cause you can't go wrong with Oreo. I'll eat Oreo anything, Oreo Milkshakes, Oreo Cereal, Oreo Muffins, Oreo bread, Oreo with fried chicken (i told you i'd eat it Oreo anything!).

94th Aero Squadron also had my favorite dessert in the world. Creme Brulee! Tons and tons of creme brulee. Which...... sadly is my downfall *tear*. The Creme brulee was just a little solid, nice and creamy MAN I WANT MORE!
They also had a crepe suzette station and a chocolate fountain! Nice big strawberries and bananas. With that type of chocolate that hardens just enough so you get a lil bite to your fruit!

This is where all the kids are at, the kids will be standing there dipping plates and plates of strawberries into the fountain. I even saw a little kid dip a churro inside. (i forgot to try that).

Sadly, the obsession with the chocolate fountain and fruit is not only for little kids. If you can count these sticks you can see how many the other member(s) of my party ate. =)

Overall i HIGHLY enjoyed this brunch. For 21.99$ you get all you can drink champagne, delicious crab legs , shrimp, mussels, fresh bread, huge omelette's, a wide variety of desserts, and a very nice ambiance. I do suggest that you make a reservation beforehand cause parties after us were not so lucky when it came to being seated quickly.

p.s. if anyone wants to go feel free to give me a call =P or if you give me a ride to and from the airport on the dates April 4th at 11am and April 8th at 3pm i'll treat you to it the next sunday!

94th Aero Squadron
8885 Balboa Ave
San Diego, CA 92123


Jim said...

Hey Clayfu,

I’m also a big fan of the 94th. I agree the desert lay-out is quite a spread. Heck, I can 20 bucks worth of cheesecake alone! The only thing I do not care for at the 94th is the crowds…and they all seem so damn hungry!

clayfu said...

hey jim,

yeah i <3 the place. I think its an amazing deal but the crowds are pretty crazy. When we left around 12:30 there was a crowd of easily 20+ people waiting.