Saturday, March 24, 2007

I guess this relates to food?

Tomorrow i have waiting for me freshly peeled (by my expert hands) shrimp which i hope to drizzle with olive oil, pamper with salt, and caress with pepper. But what will i do with it?

Pan frying just seems so sticky and yucky sometimes, it leaves that little bit of oily guck at the bottom of the pan. Since i dont want to turn on the grill outside, i want something affordable. Purchasing a grill pan is no problem with Amazon Prime, its do i really NEED one?

I need a grill pan.
Actually, scratch the Need.

I WANT a grill pan. My only problem is i fear using a cast iron grill pan. I don't want to waste my money and buy an aluminum grill pan since that doesn't hold well, but i'm afraid i won't be able to season the pan right with a cast iron grill.
(btw kathy you are right i should have just bought it at Ross)

Bleh. maybe i'll just stick to pan fryin.

Sigh i guess every post requires a picture since this post currently is nothing more than a rant. So i'll morph it into a rant that precedes my preview of my next post!

(This post is rated D for delicious)
(Clayfu Productions)

A story of a couple waking up in the early sunday morning (10am). Battling among a giant force (the crowd) to sooth their ROARING stomaches. Only one thing stands in their way.

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Cartman said...

CRAB PEOPLE! Taste like crab, look like people!

Curtis said...

hahahahahaha, what a nice post.