Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bronx pizza

Who doesn't crave a nice slice of pizza every now and then? From thin crust to thick crust, from chicago deep dish to oily thin new york style pizza, everyone love pizza! Even people that hate cheese will eat pizza! that's how great it is!

Along the lines of New York Pizza perhaps the most popular and well known is Bronx's pizza off Washington in Hillcrest.

No nonsense (some may construe this as a symptom of assholitis) guys ready to take your order the moment you step in. (or call in)

Example of a call i placed this weekend:
Bronx: Bronx pizza
me: Can i get a white stone with sausage
Bronx: Aight Whitestone Sausage , 15$ 15 minutes. whatz yo name?
me: Charlie
Bronx: bye

BADABING! and deres yus go, gots yos self a slice of new york pie. (btw the pizza was a monster 18")

The shop itself is a small little hut. There's some street parking but DO NOT park in the plaza next to it, you will get towed.
You come into the store and you just see rows and rows of pizza! You order what you want (changes daily) and they pop it into the oven.
Bronx: Wats yu want
Me: tomato and garlic, and eggplant
bronx: $6
For six dollars you get two big ol slices of pizza and a soda.

After it comes out of the oven they just shout out the slice and you go on and pick it up, they have about 10 tables inside for you to sit at and enjoy the pizza.

pictured here is the whitestone/mushroom and tomato/garlic slices. The whitestone is their speciality. Its a combination of garlic, ricotta cheese, mozarella, with whatever topping they feel like putting on for the day (no tomato sauce!). The combination of the cheese is soooooooooo good.
The tomato garlic is also rather tasty, i want to order a whole whitestone/mushroom/tomato pie, i bet that'd be amazing.
My buddy got sausage and pepperoni , they use thin slices of sausages here. And Peppers (roasted red peppers), eggplant, and brocolli. My friend said the later was his favorite slice out of the two
My other friend got a real simple veggie pizza and sausage/pepperoni.
This pizza has a real NY style feel to it. It bends real nice so you can fold it but the crust is nice and crispy, just like my boy used to make it off broadway and 39th ya hear? (just kidding, i dont have a "boy" but i've had quite a bit of pizza in new york in my day) EAT IT LIKE A MANNN (like the domino commercial).

Anyways, if you want a quick fix for pretty close to authentic as you can get in SD for NY pizza then Bronx is the place for you.

Bronx Pizza
111 Washington Street
San Diego, CA 92103


Kathy said...

i hear its very common to dislike cheese but like pizza! :P

KirkK said...

Hey Clayfu - Man I used to really enjoy that place when it was still $5 for 2 slices and a soda...now it's $6...I dunno...one good thing, it's in walking distance from my office.

clayfu said...

Kathy: You know, its not abnormal, i'd say i know quite a few people with the same characteristic =P

kirk: i always see alot of doctor's in scrubs there. I always say if i can get away from a meal with 5$ its a great deal. I get a lil more hesitant when it goes past it haha

Nicholas said...

that crust was so crispy when i folded it, it cracked.

clayfu said...

that's how NY pizza is. Crispy crust!