Sunday, March 18, 2007

Finger lickin good!

Anyone that knows my eating habits knows i love a good piece of fried chicken. The difference in taste of fried chicken is probably one of the few things i actually am able to discern. So when i have bad fried chicken (Albertsons) and great fried chicken (some joint in North Carolina) i actually voice good or bad opinions.

But ever since my friends took me to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles i've had a fascination with my <3 style="font-weight: bold;">Angelena's in Alhambra.

I know i know, a place that serves soul food in the midst of Tea station, Chinese BBQ, and Pho can't possibly be that great can it?

AH but to the contrary my dear Watson it was actually surprisingly delicious. Since they seemed to have only chicken and waffles at breakfast/brunch we went around 11am. I'm sure the parking gets pretty bad here later at night , but at 11am the lot itself was pretty empty.

When we arrived at our table, we were greeted by a nice bottle of hot sauce, syrup and ketchup.
Boy do i love Hotsauce, hot sauce on eggs and chicken? that is love. My girlfriend enjoyed the syrup very much, it wasn't too sticky nor was it too thick, "It didn't taste like Aunt Jemima's!".

To go with the syrup my gf ordered their breakfast special. Two eggs, Two Sausages/Bacon, and two pancakes.

Pretty decent sausage, it came in the patty form. Had almost a hint of maple on them which i llllllllllurrrrrrvvvvvv. Since my gf doesn't eat eggs to often i took them and at them! Very well cooked! when you pop the yolk it flows like the Yang Zhi river on a warn spring day.
She really enjoyed the pancakes. Some pancakes get all mushy in your mouth and you have to drink milk/water to wash it down, but they were buttery and pretty smooth (sounds like alcohol). Toss some syrup on it and you got yourself a meal.

I got the chicken and waffles, 2 golden pieces of fried chicken and a nice big waffle.
The Waffle itself wasn't AMAZING, but it was definitely better than Roscoe's or my daily Ego. I dont know why but the waffle tasted really good with some egg and sausage on it. the Fugriddle anyone? (McGriddle!)

But the real star of the show was the fried chicken
Two very thick, very juicy pieces of leg and thigh, fried to a nice golden color. The skin was thin, not so much batter that you feel as though all you were eating was fried batter. BUt man the spices they used were soooooooooo delicious. This was definitely some of the best "fried" skin i've had in a long long time.
When you bit into the chicken the juices just erupted out of it. It was probably the biggest fried chicken drumstick i've seen.

My girlfriend and i both agreed this was some truly amazing fried chicken. And when you add the hot sauce? OOOOOOHHHHHHHH MMYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODNESS SO GOOD.

I believe during dinner time (when one would be inclined to eat more) they serve 2-3 pieces of chicken with some rather large side orders for 10.
They also serve sweet tea and kool-aid! (of course, a pack of kool-aid is about 10cents, but i think its the novelty of having kool-aid at a restaurant that appeals to me).

So if you are ever driving down Main Street in Alhambra you should definitely give it a shot!

Angelena's Signature Southern Cuisine.
33 W. Main Street 91801


Jim said...

The place sounds tasty! For soul food in San Diego, try Bonnie Jean's on 54th. The ox tails and fried chicken are pretty damn good.

clayfu said...

Thanks jim! i'm going to drag my girlfriend there tomorrow! haha