Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Great balls (logs!) of fire!

As a child i collected comic books.

Okay i won't lie i still read hordes and hordes of comic books now.

I've always read about giant rocks of radiation that could mutate me into a super hero! a super hero that isn't trusted, but has to go through alot of personal struggles to finally embrace the power and responsibility that came with my new life. Ah to lead such a life.

I finally found my rock of radiation, but sadly it did nothing but cook my korean bbq at Chamsutol BbqThey use this little crank system to life the coals closer and farther from your grill. If you're curious like George and like the little monkey you are you play too much with the crank.... the coal splits apart and the fire gets significantly weaker (glare!).

The place serves a very large variety of Panchan which i found very impressive.

The most interesting panchan i saw was the large spinach kim-chee like dish. I'm not even sure if it was spinach, but it was slightly sour and not so spicy. I think it'd be SUPER in a cold soup like dish.

Of course with all these wrap it yourself places, there's salad. The salad here is actually a little bit spicy, especially when you get to the bottom the plate, you can see all the red peppers drenched in sauce. But they use a nice variety of lettuce which is very much like. You see that green leaf lettuce? SEE HOW GREAT IT IS?

yes i'm glad you agree with me (according to my crappy 2 megapixel picture) that the quality of the lettuce is quite nice.

This place is very very different from your regular AYCE korean bbq restaurants. You order different "levels" of meat. You dont just pay 15.99 and get whatever meat you want, they actually have tiers of meat. If you want Kalbi (which everyone i was with is infatuated with) you have to pay 18.99.

With our 18.99 we received, beef tongue, pork belly, Kalbi, and standard sliced beef. The beef tongue was beef tongue like. Has a rich meaty taste, i think its pretty fresh here, the coloring is very nice, but most of my less adventurous friends did not quite prefer it.

Pictured bottom is the standard sliced beef. It actually had a very nice run of white fat thru the beef and was actually defrosted! and not curled into those lil round balls of meat that everyone gets at other places. THis meat was very very tasty.

UNLIKE the Kalbi, which was too chewy yuck. Considering this is what i paid extra for, i'll stick with the 15.99 next time.

The pork belly here is amazing. it has the perfect amount of fat with meat and is oh so delicious! Not too chewy, and just makes you go MMMMMMMMMMm when you swallow it.

They also have Steamed Egg , which doesn't taste like the normal steamed egg but more like scrambled egg. This made me a lil bit sad since i love steamed egg so much. Just give me steamed egg and rice and i'd be a happy little chinese camper.

They also provide the spicy kimchi tofu soup, but............. the waitresses hated us cause we couldn't fluently speak chinese or korean. Haha. Ah........

No but seriously they were extremely rude to us, we'd have to ask for certain things multiple times and with no success. One lady was very nice but then she left and got off work =(. And i knew this was solely our experience with our table... because i heard them talking to the other tables and bringing them extra food before they even asked for it!!!

Would i go here again? i dont know. I'm not as big of a stickler when it comes to service at a buffet style restaurant, so i'd say if i could avoid driving to LA to eat decent korean BBQ i'd do it.

Chamsutol Bbq
18722 Colima Road
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

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