Sunday, February 18, 2007

expected success for greatest creamy ice in the U S of A

Ever since the first Jurassic park came out i've been taught an extremely important lesson.

Do not mess with fossils. Don't try to regrow dinosaurs, don't try to make interactive video rides about them, and most of all don't leave them lying around for a naive group of students to come and find them and be trapped on an island (unless you leave a raptor vocal canal so you can communicate with the dinosaurs by blowing into the bone like a flute!).

So when i first saw Fossilman's i was very very wary of going in, i didn't want anything to do with recreating Jurassic park 4, "THE PREHISTORIC ERA IN MONTEREY PARK."
wait what? the sign says FossElman's? not Fossilmans?
Sigh ignore everything i've said in the top paragraph and start from here.

Fosselman's is apparently the best icecream on this side of the Mississippi (i actually had to sing that little song where you sing out how to spell Mississippi). Its been rated in the top 10 for pretty much every single Southern California list for ice cream.

They have about 30+ flavors, catering to your standard ice cream fare and an oddly large amount of asian flavors that i assume are done to cater to the large asian community they are located in.

If you want to take home some icecream, they have pre-packed versions of their more popular flavors (get the real mango! its great! milky mango flavor, just tastes so fresh, like you mixed your own condensed milk and mango together in a bright summery dish.) And they are pretty reasonably priced at 6.75$ for each Quart.

There are so many choices this little girl is just overwhelmed. I think she actually fainted from the excitement of having so many delicious treats that she just MIGHT be able to try.

Today i decided not to get the regular mango ice cream that i usually get. (one scoop of any ice cream is 2.15$). In the spirit of Valentine's i ordered the chocolate covered strawberry.

Allow me to take you on a journey on what this flavor tastes like. (please close your eyes and imagine.... uh.... remember what i type in a few moments then close your eyes cause otherwise it might be rather hard =P).

Imagine a scoop of very chocolate chippy chocolate and chip ice cream, with pieces of chocolate chip just trying to gain a majority domain over the rest of the plain ice cream.

Now imagine the creamiest, yet subtle strawberry ice cream you've ever tasted. Not so sweet that the strawberry flavor is overbearing, but not so milky that you don't taste any strawberry.

now imagine me throwing the two ice cream scoops against each other at 500mph (i dont play in the MLB cause i dont want to embarass people) , and while in transit from point A to point B the first scoop of ice cream loses its vanilla flavor, and in need of another host the chocolate chip latches onto the strawberry ice cream.

However they may have created it, its delicious. It tastes kind of like an actual chocolate covered strawberry, where the strawberry flavor is stronger than the chocolate, but with every bite you know the chocolate is waiting there for a chance to overwhelm the strawberry. Its JUST enough chocolate to make it perfect.

My friend got their weekly special, "fresh/real pistachio ice cream". If you like pistachio this has a very strong pistachio flavor, not as artificial as you'd normally get at another ice cream store. But if you don't like a strong pistachio flavor..... try to steer away. (why you'd order pistachio if you didn't like pistachio is beyond me)

They also have a counter where they handspin milkshakes, malts (in a previous visit we found out a milkshake and a malt are the same thing other than malt powder!), and sodas! They make good ol fashion hand pulling cola for you.

And if you're lucky they'll make the Cola for free! (ask idiotically if they have Coke, when they say no have a heartbroken look on your face and say "oh... =(... none at all?" Then they will take pity on you and tell you they will make you a cup of Coke with their mix and carbonated water. Then make sure they conveniently forget to charge you due to the large line behind the counter.

That's how you get it for free =X
They also have salt water taffy (my gf told me to post this picture up). Its a rather large collection of Taffy.

All in all i love this place. Its pretty much crowded whenever there is a temperature spike in Los Angeles (every other week) but the service is pretty quick. I do warn you parking there is horrible, they have a parking lot capable of fitting 6 cars total, so do try to park along the street where there is a large amount of street parking.

1824 W. Main St. Alhambra, CA


Gourmetish said...

OOhh...that looks like heaven for my inner child. Thanks for sharing!

Leah said...

I love food blogs and I enjoyed this entry 'cause I LOVE ICE CREAM. Thanks for the post!