Sunday, January 7, 2007

The simple pleasures in life

My girlfriend passed by Won Kok, a chinese restaurant on friday and bought me some dan ta and cha su bao. Since my brother is a scavenger and ate one of the dan ta before i could take a picture of it (i confess i did as well) all i have is a picture of the cha su bao.

This restaurant is extremely popular, its located in Downtown Los Angeles in the China Town area, parking is near impossible at this restaurant and there is a giant line for little dim sum treats for take out. Usually when my mom goes she ends up buying a dozen of these buns, a dozen of the chicken buns, and a dozen dan tat for my my brother and i.

If you notice, the meat isn't as red as standard cha su meat. Its a brownish color, but its extremely meaty, not little pieces you normally find at dim sum.

I ate this over 48 hours after she bought it, popped it into the microwave for no more than 45 seconds and they came out fresh and steamy.

The bun itself is good, soft and sweet, just like it ought to be.

The restaurant itself also has a very large sitdown menu, cheap prices and HUGE dishes, i've yet to give it a try but its there if anyone feels the need to eat there.

Won Kok
210-10 Alpine St
Los Angeles, CA 90012


Curtis said...

Still trying to keep up. My bad for not using the internet as much these days... bleh.

cousin said...

"brother and i"

Brother and ME*


Anonymous said...

Considering that one of your cousins is currently taking English as a Second Language, another one goes to high school and still one more goes to college... for one of them to correct you on your grammar...

MODED! I know, that word is so 2000 :P