Saturday, January 13, 2007

One Ninety Nine Are You Out of Your Mind!!!?

In Rowland Heights there used to be a dimsum that charged you about 1.65 for each dish, no matter what the dish was. The only problem is even tho it was cheap.... the food wasn't very good.

Enter New Capital. Located in the Diamond Plaza (viewable from the 60 freeway off of Fullerton) next to the ever FOB Life Plaza (<3)Flavor is strong, but not so overpowering that you can't eat more than one. Ah how i love chicken feet

Next is my 2nd favorite dish, Pai gu (pork spareribs)
These are usually marinated in a black bean sauce. Toss one of these lil buggers in your mouth and you have yourself a wonderful combination of pork trimming/meat.

This is probably my favorite non-steamed dish. Its a fried flour, very crispy, with mayo + shrimp+ scallops mixed inside. Sometimes you dip it in condensed milk.
The version at New Capital is probably the best i've had! Extremely crispy which is always a plus! the only detraction is probably the use of green peppers inside. It adds a lil bitter flavor to a dish with sweet flavor.

NOW MY FAVORITE DISH EVER. Cherng Feng (rice noodle, with whatever meat you pick wrapped in it)
There are a large assortments of meat you can pick from with this dish: beef, shrimp, bbq pork, and SOMETIMES fish. Its covered in a sweet soy-sauce and just wonderful. This dish at New Capital is very similar to the other versions at other restaurants but since i love it so much this one was delicious! If you've never had this, the rice noodle is slightly stretchy, for new chopstick users, this is the ultimate challenge!

We also ordered fried smelt fish i believe (not sure)

The fish actually still have eggs inside, which i find rather interesting. I didn't find it to be anything special, but my mom liked it alot.

Finally shrimp wrapped in tofu skin.
This is a slightly crisp tofu skin, which was interesting. I first didnt' care for it, but the more i ate it the more i liked it. There were nice pieces of shrimp inside and the tofu skin really grew on me.

We did order some additional dishes, but if i kept uploading more pictures i'm sure Blogspot would have flagged me thinking i was hosting pornography! (haha *wew*).

For the price and the quality this dimsum really can't be beat. I really liked the amount of dishes that you could select from, on par with the Sam Woo of the old. (RIP SAM WOO). The taste may not be #1, but its definitely well worth the trip.

New Capital (thank you to every person that pointed this out to me, i am a retard)
1330 Fullerton Rd
Rowland Heights, CA 91748


KirkK said...

Dude - I don't think you'll pay these prices for "New Concept"(check the address), maybe wishful thinking? LOL! How long did you have to wait to get in New Capital...last time I was in the area, there was a major line!

clayfu said...

haha thanks =P

we waited about 5-10 minutes.

normally on a weekend.. you're looking at one hour +

Curtis said...
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Curtis said...

My comment was stupid ;)

Nice stomachs, they remind me of pig stuff...