Monday, January 29, 2007

K's all over. (alert, pictures seem to be broken will fix ASAP!)

I've mentioned K's Sandwiches before in a previous post, they are most well known for their delicious vietnamese/french - style sandwiches for reasonable and cheap prices that even a child could afford.

Actually i take that back, as a kid ages 8-12 i got about 50 cents a day to buy myself a bag of chips, usually flaming hot cheetos from the vending machines, so for me to buy a K's sandwich (2.50) i would have to save for five days. As a child i had no such self control not to have chips for five days straight. In all honesty, i don't even have that self control now! (except i don't eat chips, how bout chick fil a?).

Anyways, since i've already talked about these style sandwiches (don't get me wrong they are DELICIOUS here, my girlfriend always wants to get some to go when she goes back to Davis) i want to refer you to something a little different here.

Unlike Lee's sandwiches which has a very small selection of non-sandwich style foods, K's actually has a "hot" dish area and some other pre-made vietnamese delicacies. They also have a little fresh bread section which i will go into more e-la-borate detail.

The top row has a bunch of different "stuffed" croissants. Apple, Strawberry, cream cheese, and my particular favorite with chocolate! UHHUM. Flaky on the outside but nice and soft in the middle. I don't feel as though the bread i'm eating is too hard to bite into .

They also have a large variety of vietnamese deserts.
I personally have only tried one, its a multi colored "rice" paper jellies, alot of the stuff here has coconut inside and i can't say i really like it all that much =(

This meatball/fishball stick is pretty new, this is the first time i've ever seen it.
This reminds me of those little carts in Asia that you just pick out a stick and stab at the fishballs =P

The item on the left, i actually have no idea what it is. I ordered it before and they pour fishsauce on it. Its almost like a beancurb product? but more jello-ish?
On the right is the fried rice which is pretty standard and of COURSE the spring rolls! very very cheap, 2 spring rolls for about 2.50$! a steal! the only problem i have with these is that sometimes they put lettuce strips in it... its very whatevers. When they don't put it in its a steal!

This is one of my favorite dishes that they have in their hot lamps, stir fried noodle
They stir fry egg noodles with alot of cilantro and they layer shrimp and chicken on top of it. They are a little stingy with the meat but they do give you both chicken and shrimp. I personally take it to go and make another dish on it, because the flavor isn't particularly strong on it. But its cheap and its good.

THEN they have beef stew and chicken curry!
You get a nice big bowl of 4 pieces of chicken "thigh" or some beef and a medium size baguette. THe flavor is extremely good, not too STRONG of a flavor and definitely not spicy. The onions and carrots are stewed just enough so they aren't too mushy or too hard. Its 4.50$ for a bowl with the bread! Very much worth it.

So when you go to K's next time you don't HAVE to get the sandwiches! or if you go with a large enough group you can have both the sandwiches and share all the other items! UHHUM i love large parties! that means more food for me! =)

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