Thursday, January 4, 2007

A feminine rice dish

A little background information: My girlfriend studied abroad in Madrid, Spain for a quarter and loves Spanish food (no chips and salsa) and all other things Spanish. We've had Spanish food in San Diego as well as Davis, but never in Los Angeles.

So today we went shopping at the Beverly center in downtown Los Angeles and we heard about a spanish restaurant called La Paella (get my title now? haha) across the street. Since its pretty hard to satisfy my girlfriend's Spanish loving tastes, she was hesitant to believe all of the reviews online for the restaurant.

First off, the restaurant itself is VERY cozy. When i say cozy, i mean you can hear all the conversation going on at the other table, including one gentleman giving HORRID advice on multiple choice testing while he was commenting on how stupid college students are.

But on the other hand, its not brightly lit and there's a nice little candle on your table. The perfect romantic setting... other than the fact you can reach over and eat off the plate of your neighbor.

The menu isn't that large, there are about 30 tapas, 18 warm and 12 cold (you can view the menu here)

As well, there are a couple of seafood and meat menu items. Their key item here is Paella. They range from about 18-22 dollars a person (seafood, different meat, even a noodle paella) . The only bad part is you HAVE to order two orders of Paella, the serving size for this isn't that large, i think its a decent size for the average person. We didn't order the Paella, but everyone else around us did and it smelled and looked amazing.

What we did order were 3 tapas and an entree. Before the tapas and the entree they give you two types of bread and a garlic mayo. The garlic mayo is scrumdiddlyumpious.

The first tapas we ordered was the Champinoses con Chorizo, which is basically Chorizo (sausage) cooked with mushroom. The dish was very delightful, a strong sausage oil flavor infused with the mushroom, you can see the drippings from the sausage mixed with a nice dose of garlic and oil.
The next dish was Gambas al Ajillo, which was just grilled shrimp with an overdose of Garlic. The shrimp were kinda small and it was a very strong garlic taste, i think it might be too much garlic. It wasn't bad.. but it wasn't amazing. I dont think it'd be on the ordering list again.

next is the Tortilla, My girlfriend's favorite dish. Its a blend of egg and potato, with the occasional insertion of onion, eaten both cold or warm. She always tells me that certain days she just gets two pieces of bagette , a sandwich sized slice of Tortilla and just eat it like... a sandwich. The Tortilla here is very tasty, not too much egg nor potato, just the perfect blend, probably one of the best i've had. I also ate it with some of their bread and the garlic mayo... that made it 60x better.

Our Entree was their Mixed Meat grill. It had Chicken, Lamb, Steak, Pork and chorizo (chorizo not pictured, i ate it and i remembered to take a picture) infused with rosemary and garlic, with a side of grilled zuccini and stewed carrots.

The chicken is not very memorable, but i did eat it last, so it might have gotten a little dry... i'm also not a breast kind of guy, i like-y me the dark meat.
The Lamb was probably the best tasting thing on the plate. Very smooth and cooked to a nice medium rare, i am embarassed to say i picked up the bone and tried to chew all the meat i could off of it.
The Steak was just a flat iron steak, nothing spectacular in the meat department but the flavor was good.
The porkchop LOOKS very dry, but due to its thin stature it was actually pretty good. I also tried to pick this up and eat the meat off the bone but my girlfriend glared, so with my excellent knife skills (+2 to knife mastery) i was able to get all the meat off =).
The Chorizo was a lil oily, but like all fatty meats that is to be expected.

I wish the meat dish gave a little more meat, but Shrug, can't be so picky when the food is tasty.

Overall, the food was mui excellente! I want to go back again and try the paella!

The service is very prompt here and the waiters are very nice. They change your plates quickly as well as refill Los Angeles Finest Water when they see it drop past a quarter full.

If you find yourself around the Beverly area, i highly suggest you drop by and give this a taste!

La Paella
476 S San Vicente Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 951-0745


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