Wednesday, January 17, 2007

banh mi! dac biet!

When i was a young child my mom would bring my brother and I "french style" sandwiches from the local drink shop. I absolutely loved the pickled radishes/carrots, grilled chicken/pork/beef, and the crispy french bread! After i stopped eating them around age 9/10 i completely forgot about them... that is until last year!

My girlfriend told me about a sandwich place in San Diego called K's Sandwiches which served these amazing sandwiches. So we go and lo and behold! my childhood love!

Vietnamese sandwiches, "banh mi". Cheap, tasty, quick. I say with confidence that i love a great meal, especially one as cheap as a large $2 Sandwich.

For this particular sandwich i will show you, i went to Lee's Sandwich in Irvine. My friends and i were coming back from a drunken night of debauchery and video games at the local Dave and Busters trying to find a place to eat. Apparently Irvine shuts down at about 9pm, luckily we had some super secret contacts that were able to inform us about Lee's Sandwiches being open at 2am. After stumbling all over the UCirvine area trying to find this place, we happen upon the restaurant.

For anyone that's never been to Lee's, its actually a chain store. They sell Vietnamese sandwiches, Croissant Sandwiches, Eggrolls, gelato, drinks, and other tasty little vietnamese treats.

My personal favorite is the bánh mì dāc bịêt. (nice the text copied).

Its a combination of 3 different types of vietnamese deli meats. Different places put different types of meat in them. One place i go to next to my apartment puts BBQ pork inside! (delicious) Usually its a lean type of ham, some preserved meat, and some patte. Definitely not for the unadventurous, some of my friends don't like it all that much due to the fact that they think they have gelatin swimming in their mouths while they are eating. Lee's probably has my least favorite Dac Biet, i think the patte is a lil too overpowering, i prefer having a hint of that flavor instead of GLOBS AND GLOBS OF IT.

For the faint of heart, there is the basic grilled chicken/pork/beef.

You remember all the meats i listed for the dac biet? *shakes hands in a fury* now get rid of all of them, and pick one of those meats above. Very simple taste, but very delicious. If you've never had banh mi before, i suggest trying a version like this.

But beware, their peppers are extra spicy inside! it'll leave a very nice burning sensation in your mouth.

Lee's also has a pretty good eggroll. 5 eggrolls for 2.50, with shrimp and ground pork inside, that was extremely tasty

Ah Lee's. Since i love the fact you are open till 2am, i give you extra kudos, but since i'm not too big of a fan of your sandwich itself...

Lee's Sandwiches.
4127 Campus Dr
Irvine, CA 92612
(949) 509-9299


Flo said...

Lee's Sandwiches is awesome.. especially when they stick in spicy peppers.

Btw.. where's the korean bbq post?! haha.

clayfu said...

haha i keep forgetting, i have the photo's updated, but i need to put some space between korean bbq posts