Thursday, December 28, 2006

Gui Rim Korean BBQ (LOS ANGELES)

All you can eat korean bbq.

Those words strike fear into the hearts of millions. How can you have all you can eat meat and still have decent quality?

Most of the time, the fear is warranted, meat is bad, the marinade is nasty, a horrible combination that equals stomach problems!

But there is one place in Korea Town in Downtown Los Angeles that breaks the mold!

Soot Bul Gui Rim. Located on 6th avenue. Its a small place, probably 15 tables of 4 at the most. Its also extremely smoky, i think the fans there might be done for purely decorative purposes and are never ever turned on.

BUT enough of the negatives! on to the positives!
Unlike most korean restaurants where its like the tower of babel if you're not korean, this restaurant, they speak korean, chinese, and english! I think my friend jshan was even hitting on the waitress speaking chinese to us haha.

The place is 14.99 per person and is classic duk bosam place.
They have a big poster along the wall that says A+B = 14.99.

Under A, is non marinated sliced beef, tongue, marinated chicken, marinated short rib, non marinated short rib, pork belly.
Under B, is tripe, beef heart, and small/large intestines.

You can order any combination you'd like!

We tried everything but the tripe and intestines, since i was the only person that would eat them i figure its quite a waste!

The place itself gives a large variety of panchan, but nothing really special enough worth mentioning.

Every person gets a small salad plate that the waiter/waitress comes around refilling. Their sauce is a lil spicy, not as sweet as most places. As well you see the classic Duk wrapping and some dipping sauces. The mun bean spicy mixture is off the screen but its delicious!

We have grilling at the moment some short rib which was premarinated. The rib, the tongue, and the sliced beef were extremely good. The tongue is slightly fatty and the sliced beef is thick tasting, i can't really put it in words other than YUMMMMMMMY.

We ordered that combination of 3 meats probably 4 times over the night , as you can see my friends won't even let me take a picture without trying to grab for the meat with their eager chopsticks.

The heart wasn't my favorite, it was a little TOO rich for me. My only problem with chicken is the fact that it takes so long. The grills here are not very large nor are they very powerful, so in the beginning there was a bit of startup time that we had to wait for.

Since the tables are so small, they had to put our meat on the side. The give you a bowl of marinade for the pork, which we also used for the beef (which the waitress laughed at us for).

With the meat comes steamed egg as well as neng myun which is the cold buckwheat noodle. FREE NOODLE YOU SAY? the chinese in me couldn't get enough of it!

I have only two real negatives for this place. When the place is full, its really hard to get the attention of the waitresses. It also doesn't hurt that at times they actually run out of Duk! I couldn't believe it!

Another negative is the fact that the place isnt' big enough to have its own valet parking (like most korean bbq do in K-town). You really have to try and find parking, we parked about 3 blocks away and trekked there in bone chilling weather. Dirty clothes covered with sweat from basketball + winds + night time chill = recipe for disaster!

Otherwise, i highly suggest this place and i find the meat considerably better than Manna. Manna maybe more convenient with its valet parking and large cafeteria style eating areas, but man oh man does this place's meat taste sooooooooooooooooooooo much better.

Gui Rim Korean BBQ

3977 W 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90020


Nick said...

tripe?! i wanted some.

clayfu said...

all i see are lies from you nick.


we must go again