Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Chick-Fil-A experience

There are certain things in life that i love
  • My girlfriend
  • My family
  • My PS3
  • My Car
  • God
  • Chick FIl-a
(this was all done in no particular order)

Since this blog is not about my own life or religion, guess what this post is about?

If you're from the ATL you'd know about the great bastion of food that is chick-fil-a. There used to be alot of them in Los Angeles area, usually located in malls. But after awhile they all shut down.

Recently they started popping back up in California. While i was walking through school there was a chick-fil-a tent in the middle of campus. Apparently they were opening a chick fil a about a mile away from me and they were giving out 52 free meals to the first 100 people in line.

I dragged sherwin and we camped out in the parking lot of the Sports arena chick-fil-a.

As you can see Sherwin and i were not the only people crazy enough to wait in line for over 15 hours for free food. It was a tent city! Needless to say we got the coupons and we made a new friend. (the cow)
The premise of chick fil is rather simple. There's just a chicken sandwich, a chicken sandwich with lettuce and tomato, chicken nuggets, chicken strips, and a chicken wrap (and assorted breakfast items). They make waffle fries, delicious milkshakes, and sweet tea and lemonade.

My standard fare is the chicken sandwich with no pickles, large fries, and a large sweet tea with a SPLASH lemonade (most important!). With some packets of Honey BBQ sauce (you must try this in the sandwich!).

above is a picture of the destruction my brother and i have wrought upon the Chino hills Chick-Fil-A.

Sandwich is delicious, a fried piece of chicken breast, some butter on a bun and that's it! crisp waffle fries and one of the most delicious drinks in the world!

Service is extremely quick and extremely nice! I love it!

IF ANYONE asks you "what's so special about a chicken sandwich?" you ask them back "what's so special about air".

Or if they say "i hear its overrated" tell them "you should check your ears".

THATS HOW GOOD IT IS. order what i order and you will NOT be disappointed

To find your own location click this link!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Clayfood,

Did Chick-Fil-A pay you to review them on your website?! I bet the cow is doing you special favors, huh? :P

Your secret is safe with me.

Anonymous said...

damn you C fu! I am starving....
Happy New Year!!


KirkK said...

Clayfu - Man you're asking for trouble. You put your Girlfriend #1, than, you write a disclamer that the list is in no particular order!!!! I'd be dead....

Cathy said...

You do know you could have driven to Chula Vista to Chik Fil A for the last three years, right?

Hey- nice blog!

clayfu said...

chula vista is so so far from me. I love chick fil a but i love my gas even more =P

KirkK said...

But wait Chik-Fil-A equals gas??? when are we going to mein trung...